A better stock loan... built by YOU.

We specialize in delivering institutional stock loan and credit line programs for securities portfolio owners willing to use those portfolios as guarantees for better-than-retail, low-interest loans featuring many unique borrow-designed features.

We’re A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance. We invested our own time and money to build what we consider to be the best portfolio loan program in the market, informed with key input from the very people we serve, people like you, our borrowers.

With this ideal program ready for takeoff, we then spent over a year carefully finding and recruiting the most accomplished, licensed FINRA-member advisors in the business to administer our program. It wasn’t easy; most were reluctant to forego mandatory management fees, for example. But in most cases our clients were not looking for portfolio management. Our clients were looking for superior financing. Many of them laughed at us and escorted us out of the building. 

Once we finally found sufficient ABN-quality advisors at major institutions who were willing to proceed with our program, we gave it a name — LeverageLine. Our new addvisor partners agreed to provide only this LeverageLine-type lending to the clients we referred to them, nothing less. They would be dropped if they were to try to do otherwise. (None have tried to date..!)

What makes our LeverageLine significantly better than anything you are likely to obtain from your existing broker or bank is simple. Profit has been removed as the primary motive for our advisors. 

By that we certainly do not mean our advisors have no right to make a profit — of course not. But rather than being motivated by pushing additional costly services alongside your stock loan, your LeverageLine provider is sworn to offer only a line of credit and absolutely nothing else unless you as borrower/client request those additional services. And if you do? You will get them at a discount having come in as an A. B. Nicholas referral.  

That’s right: Nowhere else will you find a program that is simply focused on one thing: a superior credit line. The lender’s profit is the simple interest that would be due on whatever you yourself choose to borrow, all clear, all up front, no fine. Every other major brokerage or banking institution will assume you are find with being dunned for other services. Every other institutional lender will have no problem pressuring you and charging you for what you neither need nor want.

Most, for example, will actually require that you pay management fees. Not so with LeverageLine.

Most require that you borrow a certain minimum amount and pay interest on that whether you like it or not; there are no set amounts required to be drawn from your line with our flagship LeverageLine program.

Most expect you will seek other personal or business finance or advisory services and many make it mandatory. Never is that so with LeverageLine; you’re here for a portfolio loan, nothing else. And that is what we deliver. 

The LeverageLine program is in summary a clean and simple line of credit against your stock, bond, or mutual fund portfolio asset. It can provide loan-to-value up to 95% depending on the riskiness of the portfolio contents. The securities in the portfolio are averaged together to determine collateral value. You are required to repay interest on the basis of interest-only, much like a home equity line, and there is no maturity date with our flagship LeverageLine program (we do, however have a fixed rate programs that does have a maturity date, optional. Inquire if this is of interest to you). 

On top of all this, your rates are well below market rates because you are coming through A. B. Nicholas (which provides many referred clients into the program). That means the benefits of economies of scale that are passed on to you, the borrower, in the form of wholesale or even “warehouse”-level rates — exceptionally low interest rates normally charged to “big-ticket” borrowers only, those with portfolio values over $5 million. But we take portfolios at A. B. Nicholas as low as $100,000. 

Requirements?  Free-trading, public not private marketable securities, at least $100K in initial portfolio value, and all securities trading at $5 per share or higher. That’s it.  Your never need give up ownership of your portfolio or sell a single share as a prerequisite to fund with LeverageLine. And while securing your credit line, you may always keep trading in the account provided that the overall quality and value of your holding is not significantly diminished (your licensed LeverageLine advisor will help you with this).

Remember that your actual lender is always a top-tier, household-name, major institution. Your loan manager as noted is always a carefully screened and hand-picked, fully licensed FINRA-member advisor and senior executive at that institution who has agreed to offer the LeverageLine model of wholesale-rate financing to our clients in advance.

We call ourselves America’s Portfolio Lender, and we think that after more than a decade in business with a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, we’ve earned that title.  At A B Nicholas Securities Finance when you place your trust in us, we consider it our mission to deliver to you the most secure, feature-rich stock portfolio loan program in the market today. No thing less.

Please take a tour of our website and then apply for free quote today.

There’s never any obligation and you’ll never get any “hard sell” at A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance. Our goal is your full satisfaction with your portfolio loan.

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