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(*and all other marginable securities including ETF’s and REITS)

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Recent Client Testimonial:

“This was a great route to keep my investments earning dividends and gains while leveraging those funds for a low cost loan. I am glad I discovered this tool. Also, Don Johnson (ABN Business Development Director) helped me compare the fixed versus variable costs. This is truly a win-win for any small business start-up. Great for 2nd career entrepreneurs looking to get their ideas or businesses off the ground!”  

                                                                                                                            – Graham Waters, Small Business Owner, 10/12/2021

  • Better loan-to-value means more cash available for your needs. 
  • No credit inquiry required to receive a pre-approved loan or credit line offer. 
  • 100% top tier, U. S.-based, FINRA-certified advisors and lending network. 
  • Wholesale, competitive rates usually well below what your brokerage is offering on a margin loan. 
  • Zero cost to confidentially apply. You pay A. B. Nicholas only if we deliver as promised, afterwards. 
  • Many additional benefits and features thanks to the volume of referrals we make every year. 
  • Designed for those with Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust (UPREIT) securities that cannot be sold without losing tax-deferred status and paying large cap gains taxes. 
  • Get liquidity from UPREITs and REITS without having to convert or sell beforehand. 
  • Same top-tier, licensed U. S. based network of major U. S. brokerage partners. 
  • Allow your buyers to pay you in UPREIT stock without having to convert your tax-deferred UPREIT into a standard marginable REIT.
  • Maintain your UPREIT in its current tax status while still tapping the portfolio for liquidity. (May be confirmed with your CPA). 

Free to Apply    *     Pre-Approval Quotes    *   100%  Licensed SIPC-FINRA Lenders    *     BBB A+ Rated Ten Years Running

No mandatory lender-side fees     *    Highest LTV in the market     *     Lowest  wholesale rates 

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Specialized For Real Estate Investors

Add our LeverageLine stock loan to your down payment and reduce monthly payments. Supplement your other financing when you need more cash than the bank can provide. Replace your high-interest with a LeverageLine.

Specialized For Franchise Investors

Get into your franchise quickly without waiting months for your SBA loan to clear; or integrate our LeverageLine stock loan credit line into your existing SBA or bank financing to help your business grow faster and easier.

For Owners of Tax-Deferred REITs

Use your tax-deferred UPREIT Operating Partnership Unit shares as collateral for a great, low-rate line of credit without having to convert or sell as taxable UPREITs. Great for quick capital when you need it for your business.

Get More College Financial Aid Eligibility

Use LeverageLine to reduce the legally reportable value of your stock portfolio assets, on your child’s student aid eligibility application FAFSA to ensure maximum college financial aid eligibility. 

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traded on all major US exchanges