Application Process Overview

We’re all about making our client experience comfortable and secure. That’s why we’ve both simplified our application process AND invested heavily in improved top-of-the-line security for our clients. Apply here or via the button below. You’ll need a recent copy of your brokerage or bank statement showing your securities in detail. This is typically easily available as a PDF file or JPEG file via your online brokerage or bank account, 

You’ll also need a digital copy of your picture ID such as a driver’s license or passport page. If you don’t have one handy, just use your smartphone to take a pic. Answer a few questions, attach the two documents, and securely submit. You’re done. 

Our licensed lender advisors at one of the four major public U. S. institutions with which we’ve partnered (we choose based on the best fit for your portfolio using historical best-terms experience). The institution will then securely review your portfolio and give A. B. Nicholas your preliminary quote. We will then email you that preliminary offer. We say “preliminary” because your final quote will be fine-tuned by you in consultation with your licensed advisor. We put full control over your financing in your hands alone, not ours.

After we email you this preliminary quote, we’ll “greenlight” your advisor to call you directly using the phone number on your application. This is your free consultation. Although you do agree when you apply to pay ABN a nominal fee after you’ve successfully received your funds, at no time do you owe anything else for any reason.

If you and your advisor do hammer out a LeverageLine loan quote that is mutually agreeable, your advisor will then proceed under one of two scenarios as follows:

Thanks to arrangements with TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab Bank, if your assets are at either of these institutions they can stay right there unchanged. You’ll simply add our licensed lender advisor to your advisor team.

If your assets are at another institution, they will move to your new solely-owned (by you) account at your new LeverageLine lending institution. (We cannot by law provide the names without your application, but we can tell you they are all well-known public U. S. brokerage and bank giants).

There is no “joint ownership” or any other transfer of title or change of ownership required for your loan funding, but your account must be “close to home” in the lending institution brokerage for loan approval.

The transfer process does not require you to go to your current brokerage or bank, fill out paperwork, or confront your current brokerage or account manager. All is handled, with your permission, bank to bank by your licensed advisor from your lending institution seamlessly. 

Once the issue of assets has been settled, your lender will provide you with your loan agreement. This will mirror the loan terms you mutually hammered out in your discussions with your lender agent beforehand. (Note that you can ask for a copy of the loan agreement language in advance at any time, even before transferring your securities to your new lender account). 

Once you choose to sign, a simple lien is placed on your account to guarantee the lender’s interests. The lien does not affect your ability to trade or access the account, but any sale of the loan collateral assets, if not replaced by similarly valued assets,  can impact your loan terms, so it is always prudent to consult with your lender advisor prior to making any trades.

Typically within 24 hours of signing your loan agreement, a separate checking account is then established for you, at the same lending institution, ready for withdrawal up to the maximum credit allocation in your loan contract. You’ll receive a checkbook, and a debit card, and you may then wire your funds to another bank or individual with a simple phone call to your lender advisor.

Be Your Own Banker

Remember that you pay interest only on what you choose to draw from your account, and that you repay our standard LeverageLine as interest-only required. You can pay as much of the outstanding principal as you like; in a sense, this allows you to “be your own banker” at set rates and terms because you can repay the principal at any time, replenishing your drawable amount for re-use again. 

There are many other great options too. Do you want to put your line of credit in the name of your business, and/or build business credit for future use? That is entirely possible with LeverageLine. And remember: you are building a fiduciary business relationship with the lending institution by virtue of this line of credit that can be turned into a conventional business or personal financing later to expand your investment objectives. 

That’s the process, plain, simple, and secure. We’re America’s Portfolio Lenders, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Want to build business credit with a revolving credit line?

Applying Online

Apply securely online using only a recent brokerage account statement and ID, and we at ABN together with you your licensed lending institution do all the work from there. We’ll ship you a term sheet — essentially a pre-approved financing letter — securely and you’ll have five business days to review it. As noted, this term sheet is de facto pre-approved financing: the terms and rates will be no worse than what you see on your term sheet.

Sign your no-obligation term sheet before the deadline with two clicks to indicate you understand your offer and agree that we have not offered investment or tax advice per compliance regulations.   And you’re done. You’ll be contacted by your licensed lender advisor who will handle your account opening and the delivery of your funds.

Once connected with your licensed institutional advisor, who is a carefully selected executive at your FINRA-registered lending institution, he/she takes over. We use only major “household-name” firms and the most experienced advisors with flawless records to ensure that you have the very best possible customer experience.

After your initial contact with your licensed lender adviser, you can stop right there and owe us nothing . But if you wish to proceed, as 99% of our clients do at that point, your account is opened for you by your licensed adviser — an account that’s yours alone, not jointly owned with the lender or anyone else.

Your licensed lender adviser, with your written permission, moves the collateral securities you wish to use as your collateral into your new account at your lending institution — a process really no different from you, say, deciding to change your brokerage on your own. But in this case you don’t even have to contact your current brokerage; provided that your lender has your permission, everything is handled electronically institution to institution. You need not even face your current brokerage adviser or representative because your new lender adviser does all the work for you to speed things along. In just a matter of a few days, you’ll have a great line of credit waiting for you to draw upon.

Get Funds in a week.
No credit check means faster funding!

No Obligation EVER!

A. B. Nicholas has built its reputation over the years by word of mouth, and that means dependence on customer satisfaction. After signing your loan agreement (which essentially mirrors your term sheet with some standard legalese), a common bank background lien is placed on your account by the lending brokerage’s banking division.

Your line is then immediately opened and ready for draw down, and you may draw as much or as little as you wish, when you wish.

That is the application process for approval and delivery of funds in a nutshell.

There is never any obligation to proceed during any of these steps. You do not owe any fee to A. B. Nicholas unless you both choose to proceed AND we have delivered your funds as promised.

We have picked our licensed institutional lending partners with the greatest possible care and will always work on your behalf to ensure there are no unnecessary delays. Our clients expect nothing less. So every LeverageLine stock loan credit line applicant moves through our system as quickly as possible from start to finish.

The Application process is concluded with funding in normally between 5-7 business days, from initial application to availability of funds.

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