A High-LTV, Fast Funding Stock Loan with Exclusive Features

The most feature-rich, inexpensive professional portfolio-based credit line program in the American market, customized in particular for the franchise and business acquisition/commercial real estate niche markets.

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We approached the task of creating the perfect stock loan differently from our competitors. We started with what our clients wanted. Then we built our securities-based portfolio loan program backwards, until we had the right licensed institutional lenders and advisers ready to provide it.

The result? LeverageLine. YOUR securities-based credit line, not your brokerages, not your financial advisers’. 

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Fully licensed lenders, no sale of a single stock, bond, etc. required for funds. Period.

For Real Estate Investors

Add our LeverageLine stock loan to your downpayment to reduce your monthly payment costs. Supplement your other financing when you need more cash than the bank can provide. Bring your average overall interest rate way down.

For Franchise Buyers

Get into your franchise quickly without waiting months for your SBA loan to clear; or integrate our LeverageLine stock loan credit line into your existing SBA or bank financing to help your business get off the ground and to bring down your overall costs. 

For UPREIT Owners

Use your tax-deferred UPREIT Operating Partnership Unit shares as collateral for a great, low-rate line of credit without having to convert or sell as taxable UPREITs. Tap them for cash, allow them to be used to pay for your commercial property too.

Offering stock loans for stocks trading on all major US exchanges


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