Call for ABN Agents

Join A. B. Nicholas as a
Referral Agent!

Do you have a  pre-existing sales network, contact list, or established market that you serve? Interested in four-to-six figure potential paydays? 

We are a Unique Securities Finance Referral Network. We Invite You to Join Us for Potetially Great Paydays. 

Join us today and present our easy-to-use referral program for clients who might be able to use our LeverageLine securities-portfolio-as-collateral program for your stock, bond, mutual fund, and REIT portfolio-owning clients as many of our agents have have done here at A. B. Nicholas over the last decade. 

It’s quite simple: You refer, we submit eligible portfolios into our network of licensed institutional lenders who’ve agree to offer wholesale terms. You are a Consultant with ABN for tax purposes. 

The handpicked lenders in our network come from institutions like UBS, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade, and we are adding lenders all the time. All compete for the client’s business by giving us their bids, and we deliver the lowest rate, highest advance bid (loan to value) to the client amongst them. From that point, if they wish to proceed, they will work with their lender until the loan closes.

Along the way, ABN reports to you all progress for your referral, which is also always available with useful details in your Agent Portal at ABN. This reports your client’s progress as well as your fee earnings through the automated Agent portal, which also sends you as agent an email with every milestone until the funds are delivered and our (and your) fee is paid. It couldn’t be simpler… or  more secure. 

Note that ABN is very strict about ensuring our agents are credited. If you feel at any time that you have not been credited with a client, simply write us and we will investigate. In the meantime, route your clients always to abnicholas.com/quote, as if you set up your site links correctly, you will be automatically credited with that client and a new record created in your portal. Use your AIN number in any links to the ABN website. You’ll get more info on this after you’ve been certified (see below). 

Become ABN-Certified First

You are welcome to refer without being certified, but we cannot pay you a referral fee if you are not. This is part of the regulatory regime we have agreed to abide by as a condition to allow us to continue referring our clients into licensed lending institutions.

Our business abides by regulations set forth by the SEC and the licensed public brokerages and banks with which we have partnered.

Practically speaking, this means that all applicants will review a training and compliance video (one hour) and take a simple 20-question multiple choice test for certification, proving a knowledge of compliance regulations and allowing you therefore to refer clients into our program and receive fees for doing so. 

Because the test must be secure, there is a one-time application fee of $35 to take the compliance exam at the time you register. This will load the training video, which you are free to watch as often as you like and take you to the exam when you are ready. The 20-question multiple choice exam may be taken as many times as needed to achieve a score of 100, which is required of all agents. 

But once certified, you’re certified permanently (and the test isn’t particularly difficult). Should any client in the future ask your relationship to A. B. Nicholas or our lending partners, you are permitted to indicate that you are certified and authorized to refer clients. 

We’re sorry, but we no longer accept clients or transactions from individuals who are not certified in this manner by ABN. 

Qualify… Then Step Back and Pass Them to Us

Easy work! You need do nothing but refer qualified portfolio owners and step away, then wait for your payday. We pay you 1/3 of all fees automatically (by ACH wire) on every client you refer into our ABN network of licensed lenders when their client closes a credit line or loan with us. Need a rough earnings sample? (View sample earnings here). 

Think you’d like to join us? Then Apply Now below.