Join Our Securities Lending Network!


NOTE: This form is for institutional lenders and advisors who are licensed and certified in their state(s) of operations. This site is not for individuals who are not employed by or otherwise associated with a securities lending licensed public financial institution. We do not accept private lenders. 

Selection to the A. B. Nicholas lending network is not automatic. However once, accepted, we’ll send you clients who qualify for your lending program. We forward the name of the lender who has provided the lowest rates, highest loan advance for the client’s benefit. A. B. Nicholas provides no compensation nor accepts any remuneration from any lender. 

Lender applicants must meet the following requirements:

1) Must be licensed as a Registered Investment Advisor, Certified Financial Planner, or in a related lending or finance field. 

2) Must be in good standing with no marks of any kind on lenders FINRA record. 

3) Must have at least 15 years of direct securities or lending experience. 

4) No legal issues of any kind, past or present, related to finance, banking or securities. 

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