The A. B. Nicholas LeverageLine Network Experience

We set out to ensure that our stock-portfolio-based credit line program bore no resemblance to the usurious high-interest skimply margin loans of yesteryear. 

Margin loans are fine for convenience, but they only give you a loan-to-value (advance or release rate) of 50% of the value of your portfolio. Suppose you want a larger amount? If you get a margin loan from your brokerage by clicking a few buttons, you are also clicking on what is undoubtedly an interest rate as high as 8% with “processing fees” to boot. 

We thought this was not right. So we began with what we call a ‘non-purpose credit” loan parameter. These parameters are set by the federal banking authorities to ensure that if a lender does provide a loan-to-value of more than 50%, the proceeds are not used to buy more marginable stock thereby triggering a potential stock market collapse again.

The proceeds of your A. B. Nicholas LeverageLine stock portfolio credit line can be used for anything else – anything other than buying marginable stock..

Conversely, a margin loan from your broker is intended only to buy more stocks, not to use to fund your vacation home or pay off your daughter’s college bills. 

But we at A. B. Nicholas didn’t stop there. First, we contracted only with those senior account executives at leading brokerage and banks to be part of our lending network. Today, we have several licensed public institutions in our network, and they will compete for our clients’ business by making offers to our clients on rates and terms. The magic of competition in our  process generally produces the very best deal for our clients. 

So we ask: WHY take your default brokerage margin loan when you can have the Rolls Royce of stock portfolio credit lines, LeverageLine from A. B. Nicholas? Why hand more of your money over to your bank or brokerage. Save it. Apply today for free, securely, at https://abnicholas.com/quote.