Here at A. B. Nicholas, we’re ready for anything. 

Even the client who comes to us with bankruptcies, foreclosures, or credit issues from the past. That’s because of the type of licensed, major-institution stock loan lenders that we have in the network we have built over a decade. 

When a client brings in a case with a portfolio of, say, $100,000, but has had a recent foreclosure that prevents him from getting a true (not margin!) asset-type loan against his portfolio, there is no issue here at A. B. Nicholas. 

True, some of the lenders in our network have a few metrics when it comes to bankruptcy or foreclosure, but others in our network are less stringent. 

For this reason, we often say at A. B. Nicholas to apply even if you have some doubts. In most cases we will be able to get even the most difficult cases funded, provided you have the assets. 

Have a bad margin loan already on your stocks and bonds? No worries. We’ll advance you the loan payoff amount on your “bad” loan, and roll your assets into a new LeverageLine. Your credit line will be reduced by whatever amount we used to pay off your pre-existing margin. 

We have a variety of solutions for almost every scenario right now. Why not apply today (its free) and see what preapproved financing we can offer you? You’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. 

A. B. Nicholas. We refer you into our proprietary licensed stock loan network, and they compete to get you the best possible terms. You pay us nada ($0) until you’ve been fully funded as promised. And then it’s 1 point. 

Apply today: www.abnicholas.com/quote