Marcy Tyler saw her first cycling race when she was only eight years old. At the time, the speed, acquiline form, and power of the cyclists had impressed her like a tsunami. From that day on, she committed herself to becoming a cyclist.

And so she was, through high school, and her junior year of college. She even won the Indianapolis Swift Racers cup at age 21. Her collection of four professional lightweight bikes was her pride and joy.

Then the accident occurred. Rounding the bend on a day that had included rain in the early morning, her bike gave way under her just as she was speeding up to pass the second place cyclist. She hurtled over 50 yards down the slick roadway and off the side of the cliff into a rock-studded ravine 100 yards below.

Marcy had fractured her right leg in 78 places. Doctors even considered amputation because of the depth of the injury to her leg. Three years later, starting her job at an American Cycling shop in Riverdale, Marcy had to have a cane handy just in case. Her leg would never fully be the same, doctors said. Marcy’s dream of cycling greatness was put to rest for good.

Fast forward now to Marcy’s 60th birthday. She’s worked her way up to management at her cycling supplies job and saved over $600,000 in stocks, bonds, and other liquid assets.

Marcy had seen the flyers around but had never paid attention to them. Own your own franchise! For some reason she picked up the flyer and read it. She’d need $300,000 for licensing fees, rent, equipment leases, and so forth.

She only had $40,000 in cash. Selling her stocks was not a prospect she relished. On average for the 12 stocks in her portfolio, she had purchased them at relatively low prices and watched her good picks triple and quadruple in value, moving her $100,000 portfolio to a value of over $422,000 now. Selling such stocks would not only take her out of her successful investments, but also result in a huge capital gains taxes since her portfolio had risen in value so dramatically.

Her franchise broker happened to know about A. B. Nicholas and she contacted us. With her $422,000 portfolio we obtained a line of credit for Marcy from a major U. S. brokerage for $337,000 – more than she even needed, but that didn’t matter since she was always permitted to take any amount she wanted up to her maximum at the same low rate.

Marcy purchased her own Cycling World franchise with the proceeds of her LeverageLine from A. B. Nicholas. Two years later, her thriving business was ready for expansion, and since she had launched her fiduciary relationship with her licensed ABN lending partner, she know had automatic credit for a conventional business loan. Marcy got a traditional business loan for $500,000 at a very low rate as she was an existing customer of the lender, and opened her second Cycling World franchise in 2017.

Today Marcy is a very wealthy entrepreneur who owns four profitable Cycling Worlds. She has an instant credit line when she wants it waiting for her if she wants to add to her budding cycling empire. Although her ultimate dream was to be a successful cycling athlete, her go-to second choice was to be around the people and industry she loved. And thanks to A. B. Nicholas, we made that fallback dream possible.

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