Application Process

Our Application Process is

Simple, Fast, and FREE!

In the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee, you can have approval for the best collateral loan in the U.S.,

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Fill out our secure Application/Quote Request form.

Attach a recent brokerage statement and matching ID (e.g., passport or driver’s license).

After consulting with our licensed institutional lending partner, ABN creates and delivers a pre-approved term sheet via our secure online system. Client can sign digitally with two clicks indicating they understand their offer and would like to proceed to the next step. Again, there is no obligation incurred by signing the term sheet.

A file copy of the term sheet goes to the client and client’s referring agent (if there is one) at same time. Client is welcome to call us at any time with any questions at 202-379-4744, as we represent the client not the lender. ABN is never compensated in any manner by the lending institution.

  • LOCK-IN OFFER. Client receives signed digital copy, fulfilling minimum compliance requirements set by lending institution. This locks in pre-approved offer but does not obligate client in any other way unless they choose to proceed.
  • MEET YOUR LENDER. Client speaks with licensed institutional lender adviser to answer questions and to set up account, if interested in proceeding. (Note: In some cases, lender adviser will call client prior to signing of term sheet to answer questions.)
  • SELECT YOUR COLLATERAL. Client will designate those securities he/she wants to use to secure his/her line of credit.
  • RECEIVE ASSETS. Lending brokerage will handle transfer of assets to client’s new account at lending brokerage.
  • CONFIRM COLLATERAL. Shares arrive (at this point client has a simple, standard brokerage account, with reports on demand, online access, etc.)

Loan agreement awaits, and once signed, a simple lien is placed in the background on the account. A separate cash banking account is opened with funds for drawing by wire or check. Our one-time fee (1-2%) is due ONLY after delivery of your financing as promised, and may be paid from ABN credit line or via credit card.

LeverageLine in its standard form is a revolving line of credit, so client always chooses when.

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