Become an A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance Referral Agent and Activate Your Marketing and Client Tracking Portal for Maximum Profit

Contact Us with Your Questions

Step One: Email Us Here (Secure)

Provide your resume/background statement, name, address, contact information in your email. 

Step Two: View Our Training Video

After you’ve been accepted as a candidate, you’ll watch simple training video which discusses compliance issues, procedures, and responsibilities. 

Step Three: Complete Agent Exam

Using information from the video, complete the simple multiple choice  compliance exam. All applicants must achieve a 100%, and may take the test as often as they wish until they reach this score. 

Step Three:  You are Certified. 

You may now refer your client to A. B. Nicholas. Having studied and completed the compliance exam with copies on file at ABN, you are prepared to refer clients.  At all times, A. B. Nicholas is here to support you. Write [email protected] with your questions,  or call our Operations Manger at 202.379.4744 ext 2.  

As A. B. Nicxholas is a referral network, you may not “broker” deals if you are working with us. This means you may refer your client, but you cannot act as intermediary between A. B. Nicholas and the client regrading the loan program, its terms and so forth. Such discussions may only be between the licensed lender advisor at the financial institution (licensed bank or brokerage) that will service his/her credit line or loan. 

Upon delivery of client funds, client will pay a fee to ABN of between 1-2% of the total credit line advance or loan amount we will have provided to the client. Of this, 1/3 goes to legal costs at ABN; 1/3 goes to ABB proper; and 1/3 goes to the agent. Payment is by ACH/wire only. 

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