Is It Possible to Build a Better Structure Than a Conventional Margin Loan? Yes.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. So few were surprised when back in 2009, in the midst of the Great Recession, that way, a small franchise consulting firm like ours would find itself in difficult circumstances given that conventional lending windows had been closing left and right.

After all individuals who were looking into buying franchises couldn’t very well continue without a robust lending environment and even those with great credit and good relationships with their banks were having difficulty in those days. Plans were being shelved and many individuals who would hope to start their businesses are franchises found themselves unable to do so.

We decided to look at individual securities portfolios not with an eye on inviting people to sell them, because for many of the prices were so low they were looking at a great big losses, but rather to use them as they were as collateral. But rather than relying on conventional margin loans, we knew the franchise in business buying market needed something far better than that.

The early days were hit and miss. We tried various approaches some failed some succeeded. In the end we developed a network of top FINRA-registered executive advisors, all with solid backgrounds in U. S.-based financing. All employees of major household-name, publicly known institutions willing to give us competitive, wholesale prices and structured stock loans in a manner that was convenient and preferred by our particular type of borrower.

This is how the credit line program we dubbed “LeverageLine” was formed. Today we are a successful niche financing firm that refers eligible clients into a licensed, professional network that allows them a competitive loan quote, and our network is growing yearly with new “LeverageLine” type wholesale and low-price lenders to serve A. B. Nicholas clients. Our goal: to deliver the very lowest possible interest rates and highest loan to value plus as many other client-friendly features as possible.

Our reputation has been built on it. We refer: you win.

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