Why Our LeverageLine Makes Money – Lots of It – for our Smartest Agents

There are certain attributes of the successful A. B. Nicholas referral agent that can be gleaned from over a decade of experience with over 3,000 agents here at ABN, some failures, some moderate successes, and some great successes with incomes in the six figure range. So what makes for the most successful of agents? 

Lets make this simple. 

  1. Our successful agents all understand that despite being a heavily regulated securities-related industry, you can safely and effectively market the LeverageLine and REITLine programs. 

    By this we really mean adherence to the rules laid out in our Explainer video. These boil down to providing any kind of statement or advice that regulators would prohibit unless you are licensed to do so. For example, successful agents know they cannot say “Save thousands in taxes by getting a LeverageLine instead of selling.” While this is of course true, the IRS is quite clear on the matter of offering tax advice that could be conflated into “tax avoidance”. One can state the benefits “Why sell your stocks to get cash when you can leverage them instead, avoiding a possible tax event.” The latter is fine; the former, not fine. Successful agents know this instinctively.
  2. Successful agents know their role — to refer. Our best agents in the course of whatever their normal duties are at their regular job (e.g., real estate, insurance, CPA work, etc) locate clients who have stock portfolios and might like to see what we can offer them — without any cost or obligation to do so. A free quote with nothing to lose — this when presented intelligently is a powerful winner.
  3. Successful agents have no issue referring the client to our website. They understand that ABN never, ever circumvewnts our referring agents and that is just another reason why we’ve enjoyed an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureua with zero complaints since we opened our doors. 

    Trusting referrals by your clients to our website means they get real, solid, up-to-date information pre-approved and aimed at “closing the deal” at least through the application stage, for our agents. 
  4. Make it personal. Our best agents don’t rely on email to inform or orient their clients to the LeverageLine program. Rather, they are “people persons” who do their best on the phone or in person. The personal touch is almost a requirement for a service like LeverageLine. 
  5. They understand and believe in the LeverageLine value proposition. Our program has been painstakingly created to provide the best possible interest rates, loan-to-value, and other client-friendly features and has evolved into a better and better program over the years for our clients. Our most winning agents all understand that this is not hyperbole, but fact. We DO have the best solution in the market for those seeking the lowest costs and the greatest value/benefits from a credit line placed against their stock portfolio. 
  6. Lastly, our most successful agents already brought a Rolodex (ok, that’s a dated reference) to the party. These agents have pre-existing lines of business activity that they probably are still undertaking, and have built up a client base that they can then smoothly meld the LeverageLine program into as another option. That’s the role that LeverageLine was meant to perform — as another option for those already dealing with stock-owning clients. 

Well, that’s the basic formula. One can also add other intrinsic skills like a command of the language, good sales instincts, and a knowledge of human behavior, which apply to most all sales activities. But those who follow this plan, and perhaps even automate it with our highly developed clickthrough system (we can show you how) do very well with our niche securities finance product that as of May, 2020, remains the very most competitive and advanced program of its kind in this business niche. 


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