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LeverageLine Using Vintage Autos as Collateral

High-End Vintage Autos as Collateral

To supplement our LeverageLine program, A. B. Nicholas is proud to announce a very competitive new lending program for owners of high-end, vintage classic autos or vintage classic auto collections through our partnership with a major licensed, household-name U. K/U. S. bank that offers APR-based rates and terms in the single digits for those with good credit and tax returns for verification; or low double digit rates for those who have B-level credit or would prefer not to offer tax returns to the lender for verification.

Both programs allow continued use of the vehicle without limit provided the vehicle is insured. Loan offers are based half on the vehicle’s value, and half on credit and income. Typical offers are in the 45%-50% loan to value range. Time frame depends on the submission of documents for verification: Title, Personal Financial Statement, Credit, Income Verification, Appraised value by lender appraiser.

Qualifying is easy for those with quality vintage (not modern) cars and good credit/income. APR is fixed and will range between 5% and 8% in most cases.

For B-credit clients or those who do not wish to produce tax forms, an additional insurance wrap on their vintage car is required to ensure lender’s position and will be provided by the lender. Cost varies but will be based on the appraised value of the vehicle. Interest will range between 14-15% APR.

Please note that this is a financing structure only for high end cars and car collections. The minimum appraisd care value at inception must be $1 million. Most clients bring autos and auto collections in the $10M-$50M range. Vintage classic cars only are required (not simply classic cars – e.g., a 1929 Mercedes-Benz 38/250 SSK, yes;  a collection of 15 classic cars like the 1931_Pierce-Arrow_by_LeBaron, yes. A 1965 Dodge Muscle Car, despite being a sweet ride, no.) As a rule, if the car was rare and valuable when first owned and is a high-end collectable now, it is likely to qualify for this program. Please note that the higher the appraised value of the collection, the faster and more advantageous are the terms.

The B-level credit program is faster if the client moves quickly; about one week. However, it can be less loan-to-value and as mentioned, the rate is approximately 6 points higher than with the A credit program plus an additional insurance wrap is needed.

Our Vintage Auto programs allow rollovers/renewals in 1, 2, and 3 year terms. The program may be tailored as a term loan or interest-only credit line with balloon at end.

To get a soft term sheet (estimate) for free, please list your vehicles and VIN numbers and if recently appraised, the approximate value. We’ll get you the estimate and free agreement. There is a flat fee of 1% of the estimated collateral value for all transactions including repeats/renewals. We offer a deep (25%) discount for clients who pay in advance, refundable if lender does not proceed with funding.

If you’d like to get started, please contact us here, and include your email address, first name, VIN numbers, and approximate appraised value if known. Feel free to add any details as well.

Our Vintage Auto LeverageLine is a competitive loan program for those seeking a strong, relatively quick and inexpensive loan through a major licensed institutional lender when security and competitiveness matter most.

Unlike the “pawn shop type” loan with monthly-interest-based payments (MPR), we offer a true APR-based line as well as the opportunity to establish a financial relationship with a major institutional lender. If this meets our needs, contact us today. Or give us a call at 202.379.4744 Ext. 1 (ask for Dan) to explore your options first.

And remember: It’s a trusted A, B. Nicholas finance program.


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