For Registered Agents: How You May Use Your Agent Link To Give Your Prospective Clients Full Access to the ABN Website and Still Remain Protected

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We urge all agents to use our Clickthrough system for maximum efficiency and security.

Every registered agent is assigned a unique link, available in your portal. This link can be attached to any URL, but we suggest you attach it to our main home page: When complete, your link will look something like this, but with your own unique Agent ID:    — where “/?AIN=ABN-1234-567″ is your identifying code in our database that shows up when anyone begins with your link and ends up at our Quote Request form. 

Note please that A. B. Nicholas ONLY accepts LeverageLine applications via our secure, online form ( We do not accept applications by email or phone or any other means. Because those clicking on your ID-associated link carry your code with them up to 9 months, they will be credited to you no matter how many pages on they view, because they must ultimately go to to apply. When they do so, your unique code is filed with the form and we instantly credit you with this client.

How it works in practice. Clients who click on this link will go directly to our website, where they can make use of the very latest information on our program. Because we know that a fully informed client provides the greatest likelihood of closing, allowing your clients to have a “run of the site” at guarantees that they will be knowledgeable from the start. As noted, the leading cause of clients failing to close their LeverageLines is lack of knowledge. No agent can speak about this program with full confidence and expertise; that is our job. But if one does not speak about this program with full knowledge and expertise, clients statistically tend to drop the LeverageLine option. Allowing them full run of the site gives you the best possibility of success.

We have built a strict system designed to ensure that the likelihood of a client coming to us through this system without crediting you as agent is very remote. First, the cookie that holds your agent information is a “persistent” flash cookie; a deep system that holds your agent info for up to a year. Unlike other systems, this cookie is very difficult to remove by conventional clearing of the cache.

Second, A. B. Nicholas has a strict policy of not allowing any client to apply for a LeverageLine in any way other than by the online, 256-bit secure application form. A client who has clicked on your link can visit our site, call us, fax us, then disappear for two months, before coming back to the site. Won’t matter: Your agent code will still be there, unless they go to the trouble of launching deep flash cookie removing software, which most people do not even know about.

Third, if you are marketing to a group of people — actively working with an individual or a group with our LeverageLine program — you can send us their name and we will ensure that you are credited. Do not send a grab-bag of names, of course. But if you are working with any client or organization legitimately, we will protect them to you manually, too. A. B. Nicholas does not allow nor condone circumvention.

The great advantage of using the clickthrough system is that you are automatically notified of all eligible client applicants who come through when we create the client’s Transaction in your portal area, which will show you as the Agent. Since agents can only see their own transactions and since you are automatically notified when any client is registered to you or an update is made to their Portal record, you will automatically see the status of every client who comes through as a result of the clickthrough link you placed on your site, even passive client applications you may not know about from people who clicked on your A. B. Nicholas link.

Need more information or guidance? We can customize our flyers with a generic “Click for more info” button that captures your agent ID. You can then distribute these via email if you wish. Or just add the links to a brief blurb on the program on your website or in your email.

The chances for problems are exceedingly slim with this clickthrough system, and we have never had a dispute or a missed crediting situation. After spending considerably to ensure an airtight system, we feel we can say that our agent protection system is top notch. Give us a call at 202.379.4744 ext. 1 or if you need assistance or have further questions, or write us.

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