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The LeverageLine™ User Experience

Opinions from our team were always universally positive and user feedback was glowing with A. B. Nicholas. A recent case is a good example Our client was short $890,000 for a multi-unit property in Austin, Texas. We had never even considered the client’s stock portfolio as a source of capital unless we liquidated it, which was not a practical solution due to potentially high capital gains taxes if sold for cash.

LeverageLine allowed our client to keep our portfolio just as it was, without selling a single share to obtain funds. We received rates beat the banks by a mile too, and they delivered in days, not weeks. We highly recommend A. B. Nicholas to those working with clients who own securities but do not wish to sell them.”

Rita Hulse, Real Estate Investor

We at Benetrends have found LeverageLine to be an excellent source of funding for our franchise-buying clients. The ability to access the liquidity of investment assets without cashing them in has proven a valuable means of obtaining equity injections, or additional working capital for many of our clients, particularly when joined with the rollover of retirement funds and/or SBA lending programs in the higher end ($ 1 million plus).

David Grams, Chief Credit Officer, Benetrends

My dealings with A. B. Nicholas and its lending partners has been cordial, professional, and informative. The entire process was completed quickly, any questions I had were answered with clarity. I would not hesitate to use the process again or recommend the principals involved to anyone looking at equity type loans.

John Murphy, Franchise Client

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