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Testimonials can say a lot about how clients view their experience with a company, when they are honest. They can also indicate how much trust a prospective client should place in that company when considering their lender choices.

Satisfied client testimonials

A recent case is a good example: A client approached us with a need for $890,000 for a multi-unit property in Austin, Texas. He had never even considered his stock portfolio as a source of collateral, only an asset he could liquidate but with huge capital gains taxes.

LeverageLine from A. B. Nicholas gave him another option, allowing him his to keep his stock portfolio just as it was, without selling a single share to obtain the needed funds. We offered a term sheet with interest rates substantially low and loan-to-value substantially higher, and all lender-side mandatory fees waived, none of which his existing brokerage or bank could match. Result? Another satisfied A. B. Nicholas client, which is always our goal as a small, specialized business that depends on good testimonials from our clients.  (See more via our FAQ here)

Here are a some representative testimonials. Feel free to contact us for more.

We at Benetrends trust LeverageLine as an excellent source of funding for our franchise-buying clients. The ability to access the liquidity of investment assets without cashing them in has proven a valuable means of obtaining equity injections, or additional working capital for many of our clients, particularly when joined with the rollover of retirement funds and/or SBA lending programs in the higher end ($ 1 million plus) area.

David Grams, Chief Credit Officer, Benetrends

My dealings with A. B. Nicholas and its lending partners has been cordial, professional, and informative. The entire process was completed quickly, and any questions I had were answered with clarity. You can trust this group: I would not hesitate to use the process again or recommend the principals involved to anyone looking at equity type loans. (See the LeverageLine program in detail here).

John Murphy, Franchise Client

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