Make Your Portfolio Work For You

Versatile Credit Lines for Stock Portfolio Owners

Our LeverageLine stock-secured loan program is more personalized, inexpensive and flexible than any comparable margin loan or securities-based line of credit program offered through the typical brokerage or bank.

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Up to 97% loan-to-value

LeverageLine is not a margin loan. Our loan-to-value can go as high as 97% depending on the mix of securities in your investment portfolio. No other firm can make that claim with the consistency that we do. 

No Need to Sell Your Securities

Your line of credit makes you into your own “virtual banker”. Take as little or as much as you need; repay the principal when you wish; enjoy interest-only repayment terms and no maturity date in a credit-card-style revolving line of credit.
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Free to Apply * Pre-Approval Quotes 

100% Licensed SIPC-FINRA Lenders  

No mandatory lender-side fees 

* Highest LTV in the market * Lowest wholesale rates