A LeverageLine Special for TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab Account Holders Exclusively

A. B. Nicholas is proud to announce the addition of TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab to the LeverageLine family of superior, institution-rate (not retail!), high-LTV licensed stock loan programs for our clients and agents. 

Now you can leave your securities exactly where they are if you have an account at either one of these institutions. Use only those stocks you want to act as collateral for your line of credit. Quick release of funds, too, means no waiting the usual 5-7 days for your stocks to arrive at your new account at your lender. 

All of the benefits of LeverageLine you are used to are included, from no mandatory lending institution fees (all services optional at reduced rates) ; low, $5-per-trade fees regardless of size; freedom to trade in the account as always provided overall value/quality of the portfolio is not diminished substantially; interest-only repayment required; low, low Prime-rate (not 30-day LIBOR based) interest rates in the 3-3.6% range; no sale of your securities or change of ownership; a simple lien placed on the account to secure the lender’s interest; and the confidence of a fully licensed lending institution and top-rated certified advisers. 

Best rates and terms for the larger (over $500K) portfolios; minimum portfolio size of $200,000. 

Get started now by grabbing a copy of a recent brokerage statement and ID and heading over to our secure Quote Request page. There’s no charge, but you’ll get an offer you probably didn’t think possible. All from the people at A. B. Nicholas who put customers first. 

Interested in offering A. B. Nicholas LeverageLine to your clients? 

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