Agent Alerts: Client Submission & Fees Rules Effective 4/2/2019

Please note that individuals who were previously covered under any prior A. B. Nicholas agent agreements (pre February 1, 2019) will no longer have access to the Agent Portal and resources as of April 15, 2019, unless they have signed the new Agent Agreement. If you have lost or deleted the new agreement that was sent to you last week, please contact us at [email protected] for a replacement copy.  In addition,

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Why Become a Certified Agent (Now)?

Recently one of our long-time referral agents here at A. B. Nicholas asked the question: “What’s the point of become ‘certified’? I’ve been sending referrals to you for two years with no issues.”  To him, reviewing a compliance training video, going back and studying the website FAQ, and taking a test to confirm his knowledge was just a waste of the $35 testing fee and a useless chunk of his

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Mandatory Compliance Certification Can Now Be Completed On Your Time, Online

The mandatory compliance certification for A. B. Nicholas’s currently registered agents is now available for completion online, including registration, video training, and the Certification Test. Current agents who have not registered by April 1, 2019 will not be permitted to refer or receive fees pursuant to any LeverageLine transaction at A. B. Nicholas. We therefore urge all current agents to register as soon as possible. (Future agents will have three

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Mandatory Compliance Training for All A. B. Nicholas Agents: Required to Receive Fees.

Beginning with our first session on March 21 at 10AM, all current and future referral agents will be required to take one mandatory Compliance and Training session before they will be eligible to receive any fees on their referrals into the ABN LeverageLine securities based credit line program or the OpLine UPREIT/OPU credit line program for UPREIT owners. The webinar will host a guest speaker, one of several licensed lender

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