COVID or No COVID, A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance Provides a Stock Loan Service That Can’t be Beat

When it comes to obtaining a loan against your stock, bond, or mutual fund portfolio, only one company has chosen to focus 100% of their attention on perfecting the best lending vehicle for investors on the market today: A. B. Nicholas, the securities-based business and personal finance people. Rated A+ by the BBB for 7 years straight, ABN offers a unique, specialized service that no investor seriously considering a loan against their stock portfolio should overlook .

Our LeverageLine program encompasses the best ideas and features of every margin loan and securities-based lending operation in the U. S. market, and a few from beyond our borders too! The result is the most competive and client-advantanged stock loan vehicle in the U. S. marketplace, bar none. We believe ourselves to be the best service of its kind in the U. S. today. 

Best, because our interest rates are customized (lowered) for ABN clients by our licensed, major institutional banks and stock brokerages with whom we’ve partnered. 

Best, because we’ve pre-negotiated fees and services with these major public banks to ensure that 1) they compete for your business (to get you the markets best offer) AND 2) we’ve also received prior agreement from these same lending institutions that they will ensure there are NO mandatory fees for our A. B, Nicholas clients for our LeverageLine portfolio loan program. 

Practically speaking, this means  you have a 100,000 credit line or margin loan, your rates are likely to be in the 5-9% range. Over a five year loan, you’ll pay about $9,000. On our LeverageLine, y9u’ll pay between 2-4% for the very same loan. In short, you’ll put about $5,000 or more back into your pocket with A. B. Nicholas. 

Yes, we’re a “niche” or boutique financial firm and we do just one thing … but we do it well. 

Get a free quote today. You’ve got nothing to lose but the five minutes it will take for you to apply securely online. 

The Program

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Finance professionals: Join A.B. Nicholas as a referral agent for great paydays!

Join the leader in non-margin-loan lending and refer your clients into our A.B. Nicholas LeverageLine program, where licensed institutional brokerages & banks compete to deliver the lowest-rate, highest-LTV stock loan in the market today. FINRA-member licensed lenders. RTed A+ by the Better Business Bureau 2015- present. Apply today! Our average referral fee payout is $3,000 per referred and closed transaction (our closing rate: 95%). www.abnicholas.com/agents. .

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