A Better Stock Loan Fee Structure with LeverageLine

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Our LeverageLine program is a full-featured credit line that uses your securities portfolio as collateral. Engineered originally by A. B. Nicholas for the franchise- and business-acquisition client, the program has evolved into a perfect tool for a wide range of uses, from payment of tax liabilities to real estate investors and those who seek lending with the best rates and terms available.

We believe we offer a number of unique differences between standard brokerage margin loans and standard retail securities portfolio credit lines (stock-based loans) for these reasons:

  • Stock loan fee structures are dramatically better, compared to standard retail brokerages.
  • Our interest rates are designed to outbid retail. We aim to match or exceed the best mortgage rates.
  • Ours is a true Securities-based Line of Credit (SBLOC), so your securities are averaged together.
  • Interest-only repayment required; defer ALL payments if you leave room on your line.
  • A revolving line of low-cost credit;  no balloon payments or set maturity dates.
  • Credit score not a factor in approval.*
  • Speedy delivery with same-day pre-approval in most cases.
  • A simple background lien on your assets to guarantee lender’s interest.
  • Simple asset-based financing; not a margin loan.
  • No mandatory lender-side account management fees.
  • No interest charged until you actually draw from the line.
  • No lender-side mandatory fees;
  • No up-front fees: nominal one-time A. B. Nicholas stock loan fee post loan delivery.
  • No sale of securities to fund your line of credit.
  • No hidden fees or costs, or restrictions.
  • Online access and freedom to trade in the account.
  • Option to defer interest payments to preserve cash flow.
  • Ideal for franchise buyers; pay back principal after enterprise gets off the ground.
  • Household-name licensed public lending institution.
  • Multi-licensed FINRA-member lender advisor w/ 20+ years experience.
  • Securities in portfolio averaged to help stabilize collateral value overall.
  • Major institutional financial relationship established for future business finance.

*Exception: no bankruptcies/foreclosures prior 3 yrs

Keep Your Collateral

Our program does not require you to transfer title or ownership to your lender before you are provided with your funding, although you do need your account and securities to be housed at your lending institution. All processing, including transfer to your new account is handled for you, with your knowledge and permission, by your licensed lender advisor at your lending institution, a “household name” top-tier SIPC/FINRA public U. S. institution that has agreed to provide the LeverageLine format of securities-based loan.

Same As Your Current Brokerage Account

Your new account is identical to your old account, except you’ll have another major institution listed at the top of your brokerage statement. You have the same online access, same control, same rights to trade. The only difference? You’ll have access to the best credit line in the industry.

A Simple Asset-Style Stock Loan

If you do choose to proceed with your LeverageLine then the last step is simply to sign your credit line agreement at your lender. Once signed, the lending institution creates your checking account via their banking division, and your line is ready for wire transfer or drawdown via checkbook on the spot.

Interest Only on What You Draw

Until you choose to draw from your line you owe nothing to your lender; in fact, many of our clients simply like to keep this low-cost, dependable line in their “back pocket” in case of future need. No mandatory lender side fees, either. Zero. If all you want is your LeverageLine, it’s yours, and you pay interest only on what you draw. Everything else is optional (such as act management, but even then, since you came through A. B. Nicholas, you will in most cases avail a discount.)

A True Credit Line with No Change of Ownership

The key distinction between the “nonrecourse” stock loans of past years and our LeverageLine program is that there is absolutely no sale of your securities as a condition to funding, nor transfer of ownership or title. Thus, if you were weighing whether to sell stocks that you purchased at a much lower price originally (low basis), and are perhaps facing significant capital gains taxes if you were to sell them, LeverageLine solves the problem.


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Please note: None of the the statements should be treated as tax advice; always consult with a licensed tax professional prior to any decisions involving LeverageLine and tax treatment. Please also see our Disclaimer prior to proceeding with any financing. To review how we protect your personal and application information, please read our Privacy Policy. As with all issues related to stocks and other securities, there are risks of the portfolio value dropping and the requirement that you take steps to reallocate or pay down your line in order to bring it into compliance if value drops below approx. 25% and you have taken the maximum amount. 


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