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Our stock loan programs are designed for real estate financing and franchise buyers, built with exemplary features you won't find anywhere else.

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How does our LeverageLine stock loan work?

Our incredible LeverageLine stock loan program is a non-recourse loan that collateralizes shares of non-marginable securities. The value of your loan depends on conditions such as volatility, quality of collateral, market conditions, and more.

No Sale Needed

A stock loan uses your shares as collateral – but  you can continue trading in your secure, SIPC-FINRA secured account rather than losing them and any future appreciation. 

If you would like to stay invested with your stock portfolio because you believe it will go up in future value, LeverageLine can be the solution to cash needs. .

Instant Liquidity

Our stock loan provides liquidity quickly while you remain invested in your portfolio – that is, without having to sell a single share to generate cash. Liquidity to use for your business, franchise or to consolidate And if you don’t sell, you won’t have a capital gains tax event either.*

*If you do sell in the future, of course, you may have a capital gains tax event.


Invest Freely

Use your credit line for anything other than buying more stocks. 

Average ALL the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in your portfolio together to produce a stable total collateral whole – and get up to 95% loan-to-value as opposed to the risk of depending on a single-stock, 50% LTV margin loan which are designed only to buy more marginable securities.

LeverageLine Is Built
for Real Estate Investors

Stock loans make sense when you’re in the market for a new home. With exclusive features unique to ABNicholas, LeverageLine stock loans can serve as a perfect alternative to traditional down payments, or to add funds into an existing financing package to make it more lucrative. For whichever purpose, a stock loan means easy, secure, fast funding for every big decision in your life.


Solutions for Franchise Buyers

We began as franchise specialists, and today our LeverageLine can help future franchisees pay license fees, lease equipment, or expand inventory, marketing, or pay down of other expenses. If you have the stock portfolio, we have the credit line for you. Many great features requested by our franchise clients have been built into the A. B. Nicholas program. Apply today! There’s no cost to do so.

Fund for Your Next Venture

LeverageLine may specialize in the franchise and commercial real estate markets, but your financing can be and has been used for such disparate applications as paying off college tuition, buying a vacation property, and refinancing an old, expensive margin loan. Whatever your need, if you have a non-IRA stock portfolio. we’ve got some of the best financing out there, bar none!


A LeveragLine is a custom credit line that uses your stocks, bonds, mutual funds or any other publicly traded securities as guarantee for a very competitive credit line designed especially for the real estate investor or franchise/business acquirer (though it may be used for any legal purpose other than the purchase of more marginable securities). It is not a margin loan, which is designed for single stocks, caps at 50% loan-to-value, and comes with high interest and many other conditions.

A. B. Nicholas has arranged exclusive, custom terms with several top-tier institutions and selected advisors willing to provide the exact financing program clients like you requested, with features such as no mandatory lender-side fees, no sale of securities to fund the line, and full lender licensing plus many other great features not normally a part of the typical retail brokerage or bank loan. Click here for more on our LeverageLine stock loan program.

Your collateral stock portfolio requirements: all securities within your portfolio should be worth at least U. S. $85,000 at the time you apply, and cannot be inside an IRA or 401k. The securities within the collateral portfolio should be trading at $5/share or higher. As a rule, multi-stock portfolios are always preferred. Your securities should be free-trading, and if you have a margin on them already, that is not usually a problem as your lender can pay this off for you in advance.

You may use any combination of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, or other eligible securities or cash. All cash positions must be greater than $100K for eligibility.

We cannot use IRAs or Keogh Plans for our securities credit line, but we do have a retirement rollover program that can free cash for investment in a business or franchise.

In some cases pre-IPO stock can be used as collateral too, and LeverageLine can be cross-collateralized with other assets such as real estate for a special LeverageLine construction. Inquire if this is your situation.

No. A. B. Nicholas has required that its clients have no mandatory account management fees as a precondition to funding; this is a fundamental feature of our program.

This can mark a significant savings to our clients, as these fees can range as high as 4% per annum depending on the program and institutions. A. B. Nicholas clients pay zero, unless they choose professional account management. If so, the rate will be between 0.75 and 1% per annum – a discount of up to 65% or more over what most advisors charge – because you are an ABN customer.

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Details: Applying for a LeverageLine stock loan is very simple. You only need a recent brokerage statement and a passport or driver’s license, and you apply via our secure (256-bit encrypted and https) application form on our website. The form is entirely online and the brokerage statement and ID are held in strict confidence per our privacy policy and used solely to determine your terms. All documents are purged from our systems once your documents have been analyzed by your licensed lending institution and your term sheet has been generated and delivered to you.

Your term sheet is delivered electronically via a secure, Verisign/Echosign system which allows downloading of a PDF copy and signing with two clicks.

View our application process for more detailed information on our easy, secure application procedures.

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