Sample Agent Earnings Examples

Some Typical Earnings Examples for ABN Agents

At A. B. Nicholas, we compensate our affiliated agents well, with 1/3 on every transaction you refer. Here is an example of earnings on a $1 million portfolio at 75%, 80%, and 85% loan-to-value (all figures assume 2% in origination fees):

Equities  Portfolio size: $1 million Credit Line; LTV: 75%; Total line offered: $750,000; total fees @ 2%: $15,000; Agent Earnings @33%: $5,000

Bonds Portfolio size: $1 million Credit Line; LTV: 80%; Total line offered: $800,000; total fees @ 2%: $16,000; Agent Earnings @33%: $5,280

Mixed Bonds, Equities, Mutual Funds Portfolio size: $1 million Credit Line; LTV: 85%; Total line offered: $850,000; total fees @ 2%: $17,000; Agent Earnings @33%: $5,610

TOTAL EARNINGS for Referring 3 Transactions: $15,890

(The above are for illustration only; actual payouts may be higher depending on a variety of conditions. Agents always have input in determining origination fees).

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