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Our LeverageLine credit line comes in an additional “flavor”: a version crafted specifically for real estate investors.

Suppose you are a commercial real estate investor with three properties. You have a stellar credit rating. Your net worth is solid. Your properties are all performing well.

Then a new housing development is announced in a convenient location ten minutes from the highway into the city.  Luxury condos. Right across the street is a small, new, high-end mall development planned for young professionals. You have non-IRA stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. And you are maxed out at the bank: they just won’t lend you any more cash to take advantage of this opportunity.

Enter LeverageLine. For real estate investors,  this A. B. Nicholas stock loan program can be the answer. Whether you choose to finance a commercial real estate property 100%, or simply want to use your LeverageLine as downpayment for a routine real estate investment, LeverageLine allows you the flexibility to keep your stock portfolio working for you, paying dividends,  even as you tap that same portfolio as collateral for a real estate investment opportunity.

It’s a loan in the form of a flexible, very low-interest (avg. 2.25-4,5%) revolving line of credit. Repayment is interest-only, with freedom to defer payments if you need to preserve cash flow.

It’s fast, not dependent on credit (no FICO scores used), and is usually not reported to credit bureaus since this is a simple asset-based loan. It can be as long or as short as you like, since it is a revolving line of credit, not a term loan.  .

LeverageLine puts buying power in your hands … without selling a share to do so. It puts a checkbook in your back pocket, allowing you to write a check on the spot if an opportunity comes along on which you must act fast.

We deliver our term sheets same day, and that means pre-approved financing that you can show to any seller, backed by a top-tier, fully disclosed major public SIPC/FINRA institution and a supportive licensed lender adviser carefully selected for expertise in real estate financing.

Need a commitment letter quickly for your seller while your financing – which takes only about a week – is in process? With your pre-approved securities-based LeverageLine, no problem. They’ll even speak with your seller if you wish, directly, because you’re approved.

Application: Easy. A brokerage statement and ID via our encrypted, secure quote request form is all you need to obtain a term sheet. (View the loan process here.) There are no FICO scores and no credit rating threshold. In fact, credit does not affect your offer as long as you have no bankruptcy in the past five years.

Whether to finish construction, buy a vacation home, or supplement/replace your existing high-interest financing, LeverageLine can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Call (202.379.4744 Ext. 1) or click here to contact us securely;  or apply right now for your free, no-obligation quote.

Note please: LeverageLine proceeds cannot be used to purchase more publicly traded, marginable stock, but can be used to purchase the stock of a non-publicly traded business enterprise (acquisition). Please read our disclaimer before proceeding. LeverageLine is not a residential mortgage nor is it intended to act as or replace a residential mortgage. 


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