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Protecting Your Private Information

Here is how A. B. Nicholas LLC. and its partners treat all information we receive from or about you or your company as a result of your visit or pursuant to any financial application or finance-related communication you may have with us:

All information collected, regardless of type, will be protected pursuant to the U. S. Privacy Act of 1974. If you visit us, we may collect and store non-personal information about your visit for internal statistical purposes or service quality control only.

With your permission only via our inquiry form or attached documents we may also collect corporate or personal information (for example: name, company location, home address, home phone number, email address). If such information is requested, it will be the result of an email, a registration form, or some other other type of feedback or correspondence or comment initiated or requested by A. B. Nicholas for which you have agreed.

We do not collect passive information about your visit, application, or correspondence, other than general website tracking data related to frequency of page access for statistical purposes processed into our Google Analytics account. Any information we do receive is for internal use only and is not shared with any third party for any reason. All documents submitted which do not result in further processing are destroyed through multi-pass digital shredding.

We do not, under any circumstances, sell, rent, or lease out any email addresses or any other information gleaned from our LeverageLine application forms for any reason at any time.

Under no circumstances will A. B. Nicholas, its partners, or its representatives release any personal information received through the application process to any party other than the licensed LeverageLine lending institution and its licensed advisors, and then solely for the purpose of evaluating and quoting the terms for a securities credit line/stock loan, except for lawful warrants. This applies to any current or future advertisers as well as companies with which we do business, and includes in particular any and all information designated by a client as proprietary or sensitive. A. B. Nicholas and its staff take these privacy protections seriously; we will actively investigate and if necessary, prosecute any violations of this code either internally or externally.

If you should have any issues, concerns, or questions related to the preservation of your private information derived from your visit to this website, or any application for financing presented by A. B. Nicholas, please feel free to contact us at

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