Announcing PersonaLine

A. B. Nicholas is happy to announce the newest member of its credit line suite, PersonalLine, a personal loan for individuals with at least $1M in net worth and a credit score of at last 700 who are seeking at least $500K in loan funds. 

This program rounds out our suite of lending programs which include the industry-standard LeverageLine Securities-Based Credit Line and the OpLine Credit Line for owners of UPREIT securities.

PersonalLine offers the same great wholesale rates and high LTV as our flagship LeverageLine program, but without the need to own securities as assets. 

Managed 100% by and through a fully licensed SIPC lending facility via one of several major bank/brokerages with which we’ve partnered, PersonalLine allows individuals to obtain credit lines of $500K and up.

To summarize: a  credit rating of at least 700 and a net worth (excluding primary residence) of at least double the loan amount you are seeking get you nearly instant approval. Just be prepared to document your net worth. Our lender will require it.  

A client seeking $1M in loan funds must have at least $2M in net worth. A client seeking $500k must have at least $1M in net worth, excluding primary residences. 

Individuals who cannot meet these minimums may use cosigners if they wish, provided they meet the required minimums set forth above. 

Use the form below to apply preliminarily. Your lender will be in touch to finalize. 

Provided that you can document your net worth, our fully licensed, top-tier lending partners will provide the same wholesale rates and superior, client-friendly terms that have made our LeverageLine program the to0 choice for financial professionals everywhere. 

Just fill out the application below; we’ll have a term sheet to you same day!