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Alternative LeverageLine Funding Using Oil Paintings

Financing Using Certified, Appraised Oil Paintings

Nothing seems to be able to match the sheer pleasure and joy of ownership of a fine painting by a master painter. Whether to hang in a dining room for all to see, or cloistered away for private enjoyment, oil paintings can provide great personal satisfaction.

Fine, fully appraised and certified oil paintings can therefore be used as collateral for our LeverageLine also, if you are the verified owner with documentation to demonstrate the trail of ownership. If you have oil paintings that are validated and authenticated, A. B. Nicholas has partnered with two lending programs who will accept that type of collateral and provide the same LeverageLine model that we offer to our securities-owning clients.

If you are acting as a referring party, you are expected to never simply take an agent or owners word for the value. We will verify all of the documents you send and if good, will provide a term sheet immediately. If any portion of the painting is deemed fraudulent, A. B. Nicholas will cooperate fully with law enforcement to ensure that justice is done

Oil painting assets should be appraised by a legitimate appraisal house such as Christies. Third-party appraisers, or “appraiser shops” are very unlikely to pass our requirements. The due diligence requirements for every transaction need to be processed.

To apply, go to our secure Quote Form, answer all questions and fill out your information. Then include a photo of the painting and the provenance (background documentation) and an explanation of how/why the documentation has been verified.

We will need a Personal Financial Statement too, listing your assets and liabilities. All documents can be attached to the same secure Quote Request form.

Please note: We will review and respond to all valid inquiries. Contact us if you have questions.


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