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What makes your A. B. Nicholas portfolio loan way better…

Lowest interest rates in the market.  Tightest security and licensing. Best reputation over ten years of service (BBB A+) We do all the work so you don’t have to, when you are looking for a stock portfolio loan.  We’ve assembled the most accomplished, experienced, licensed FINRA-member institutions and advisors to produce our LeverageLine model of stock loan financing for you. Our business — in the hundreds of millions over the

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Superior rates and terms for milion-dollar stock portfolios
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Own a stock portfolio over $ 1 million? See us for a superior stock loan NOW.

We at A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance do nothing but locate, build, and deliver the most borrower-friendly loan programs for owners of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other marginable, free-trading securities. We focus on this goal exclusively and have done so for over a decade now. We are very pleased to let the high-net worth investor market know of our latest and in some ways greatest achievement: A “warehouse rate”

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We built the best loan program for stock, bond, and mutual fund holders so you wouldn’t have to.

We specialize in delivering institutional stock loan and credit line programs for securities portfolio owners willing to use those portfolios as guarantees for better-than-retail, low-interest loans featuring many unique borrow-designed features. We’re A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance. We invested our own time and money to build what we consider to be the best portfolio loan program in the market, informed with key input from the very people we serve, people

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A LeverageLine Case Study

– Making Real Dreams Come True – Every LeverageLine client is different: this we can say from eleven years of experience dedicated solely to the securities-based credit line market. Each client or company need is unique, each application specific to that client’s needs. Here’s one example case we recently completed that shows how A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance provided the funding this borrower needed to realize a lifelong objective. [Note: 

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A New LeverageLine

Note: Visit our website for more about our LeverageLine stock loan program here. At A. B. Nicholas we never stay still, and are always looking for new ways to provide value and security to our clients. Today we are happy to announce that we can provide all of the great features of our LeverageLine that have made it the premier securities-based credit line (SBLOC) for the franchise and commercial real

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What Makes an A. B. Nicholas Stock Loan Better Than Others?

I’ll get right to the point.  Our rates beat anything you can get from any retail brokerage or bank. Our loan-to-value is the highest in the market. There is no change of ownership, nor sale of a single share required for this simple asset-based securities portfolio credit line. Your loan is entirely, 100% managed by an accomplished FINRA-registered, licensed advisor from the major household-name brokerage/bank that services your loan program.

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Stock Portfolio Loans: The Essentials

One of the first things we hear from our new clients is that they are approaching the issue of securities-based credit with trepidation. Some feel that a portfolio of stocks or bonds is much too unstable to be trusted as collateral for a loan (even though the lending institution might have no trouble with it). Others may have heard about the ill-fated “non-recourse stock loans” of the last decade, that

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