A. B. Nicholas is pleased to announce its third new lending program, BitLine!

As with all of our other unique and uber-competitive lending programs, BitLine is the first of its kind to not only use only fully licensed, major U. S. institutions, but to offer the great wholesale rates and superior loan-only terms of all A. B. Nicholas’ famed programs. 

Apply as always via our standard secure quote form. The parameters of the new program are as follows:


  • $100k minimum account size
  • No “Qualified Accounts” per banking definition.
  • Collateral: Bitcoin only and/or CASH  (no ACH, all wires)
  • Client can continue to trade in his Bitcoin account during the term of the loan. 
  • Bitcoin to bitcoin transfers using QR Code or via Public White List wallets (on platform) OK.
  • Insurance – Parent fidelity/SM Marco to cover digital assets
  • Tax Reporting – no 1099s


  • Hardware modules – Servers not connected to the internet – Cold Storage
  • Private Keys never seen by human eyes
  • Cyber Security and Physical controls
  • Control to key generation to execution are audited by public accounting

Interested? Give us a try! Apply today for free and see what we can do for you! (Fee: 1% of loan amount payable at delivery of loan funds from loan funds if desired).