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Have Us Speak to Your Salesforce about LeverageLine Credit Lines for Stock Portfolio Owners.

We offer what is arguably the best stock loan program in the U. S. market today, with the lowest rates and highest loan-to-value plus quickest delivery of funds in the nation for a 100% secure, licensed, FINRA-member-managed program. We are A. B. Nicholas, and securities finance is what we do and have done exclusively for over a decade. We have three major household-name licensed institutional brokerages who have agreed to

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Why an A. B. Nicholas Stock Loan and Not One from Your Current Brokerage?

When it comes to money, there is a reason why so many financial institutions have named themselves with words like “Trust”, “Fidelity” or “Assurance” for example. That’s because outside perhaps of the medical profession, nowhere else in human life is trust and confidence in the efficacy, honesty, and integrity of a company (or individual) more important.  This applies to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and so forth too. It is also

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A Stock Loan Against Your Cannabis Stock Portfolio? Yep, We Can…

If you have been an investor in one of the many cannabis-related stocks that have sprung up on the boards over the past several years, you’ve probably been stymied when it came to taking out a margin loan against them. Because of the still-existing federal treatment of marijuana as a drug, major banks and brokerages have been unwilling or unable to provide the normal lending facilities against these stocks that

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Financing College via a Stock Loan: (It’s Not What You Think…)

When it comes to college, just one child can cost a family nearly $200,000 at average college tuition rates. Yes, you read that right.  This may not matter if you happen to be in a true upper income bracket. Perhaps you can handle it out of pocket. But even at a combined household income of $200,000 — average for 2-income U. S. families now — this is really still middle

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Be Your Own Banker

Would you like to say goodbye to your banker? You are a real estate investor. You know your business. You know a good home, business, or commercial site from a bad one.  That part’s easy. But at the end of the day, you end up Red-Tape & Delay Land.  That’s right: Your bank. That’s where you’ll meet the guy with the sparkling smile who’s actually scared too death of lending

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New, Easy Way to See if Your Stock Portfolio Qualifies for a LeverageLine Credit Line!

Want a very easy way to see if your portfolio qualifies for our LeverageLine stock portfolio loan program?  Well here it is: just go to abnicholas.com/qualify for our new interactive Pre-Approval site. It’s never been easier to qualify and obtain your industry-leading LeverageLine credit line and the time is right for excellent rates well below market!  We’re America’s Portfolio Lender; let us show you why.   Get Pre-Approved in 30

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Financial Professionals:
Join A. B. Nicholas Today.

We are A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance provide gateways to institutional stock loan credit line programs using client stock, bond, mutual fund, and other securities portfolios as guarantee for a low-interest, high-LTV line of credit in an institutional, licensed environment without the need to transfer ownership to the lending party.  Qualifying is easy. See our stock loan requirements here.  The program is ideal for business and financial professionals who deal

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Be Your Own Banker – With LeverageLine!

Suppose you had an asset that could keep working for you just as it is now — but could also serve as your own personal “bank”? With our A. B. Nicholas LeverageLine, that is easily possible. In fact, many of our clients are using it for exactly that purpose. As their own bank so to speak.  Let us say you have a stock portfolio of say, $100,000 in value. Let

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A multimillionaire’s story and the A. B. Nicholas LeverageLine.

In March of 2018 a gentlemen we’ll call Carl contacted us here at A. B. Nicholas about our portfolio loan program. Carl was a real estate developer in Chicago, Illinois, and was looking for better ways to deploy capital and invest. His currently costs, even with tax deductions, were costing him both time and money. He found himself having to put more and more “skin in the game” for every

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What makes your A. B. Nicholas portfolio loan way better…

Lowest interest rates in the market.  Tightest security and licensing. Best reputation over ten years of service (BBB A+) We do all the work so you don’t have to, when you are looking for a stock portfolio loan.  We’ve assembled the most accomplished, experienced, licensed FINRA-member institutions and advisors to produce our LeverageLine model of stock loan financing for you. Our business — in the hundreds of millions over the

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Superior rates and terms for milion-dollar stock portfolios
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Own a stock portfolio over $ 1 million? See us for a superior stock loan NOW.

We at A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance do nothing but locate, build, and deliver the most borrower-friendly loan programs for owners of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other marginable, free-trading securities. We focus on this goal exclusively and have done so for over a decade now. We are very pleased to let the high-net worth investor market know of our latest and in some ways greatest achievement: A “warehouse rate”

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We built the best loan program for stock, bond, and mutual fund holders so you wouldn’t have to.

We specialize in delivering institutional stock loan and credit line programs for securities portfolio owners willing to use those portfolios as guarantees for better-than-retail, low-interest loans featuring many unique borrow-designed features. We’re A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance. We invested our own time and money to build what we consider to be the best portfolio loan program in the market, informed with key input from the very people we serve, people

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A LeverageLine Case Study

– Making Real Dreams Come True – Every LeverageLine client is different: this we can say from eleven years of experience dedicated solely to the securities-based credit line market. Each client or company need is unique, each application specific to that client’s needs. Here’s one example case we recently completed that shows how A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance provided the funding this borrower needed to realize a lifelong objective. [Note: 

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A New LeverageLine

Note: Visit our website for more about our LeverageLine stock loan program here. At A. B. Nicholas we never stay still, and are always looking for new ways to provide value and security to our clients. Today we are happy to announce that we can provide all of the great features of our LeverageLine that have made it the premier securities-based credit line (SBLOC) for the franchise and commercial real

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What Makes an A. B. Nicholas Stock Loan Better Than Others?

I’ll get right to the point.  Our rates beat anything you can get from any retail brokerage or bank. Our loan-to-value is the highest in the market. There is no change of ownership, nor sale of a single share required for this simple asset-based securities portfolio credit line. Your loan is entirely, 100% managed by an accomplished FINRA-registered, licensed advisor from the major household-name brokerage/bank that services your loan program.

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Stock Portfolio Loans: The Essentials

One of the first things we hear from our new clients is that they are approaching the issue of securities-based credit with trepidation. Some feel that a portfolio of stocks or bonds is much too unstable to be trusted as collateral for a loan (even though the lending institution might have no trouble with it). Others may have heard about the ill-fated “non-recourse stock loans” of the last decade, that

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