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A. B. Nicholas LLC began as a company that introduced prospective and current franchise owners to custom financing to start or grow their businesses. In 2009 when the Great Recession began to hit, all bank lending programs, even for those with excellent credit, became much more difficult, and this included SBA loans. 

We knew we needed to find another option for our clients, so we came up with the idea of a network of top-tier executives selected from various U. S. public banks and brokerages — from Merrill Lynches to UBS and other name institutions — who would then compete to provide their best stock-based loan quotes. 

Our growth has been slow but steady over the years. Today, our slogal “We Refer, You Win” means that when you get a free credit line quote from us, you are getting a competitive quote, with below-market interest rates and far better loan-to-value thatn a conventional margin loan. Our LeverageLine program is tailored to the franchise and business buyer in particular. As we are never compensated a penny by any lender, our goal is to build the best network of stock loan professionals within existing, household-name American financial institutions, that we possibly can. Every year we add more features, more advisors, and our blueprint for the future, when we expect to seek our initial round of major investment, will bring our entire program into an automoated, secure proprietary software program to create a “Lending Tree for Securiites-based Credit Lines” that will allow lenders to compete against each other in real time. 

But for now, your application — a simple one pager with your attached brokerage statement & ID (see here) — will be screened by us then referred into our network at no charge to you, to obtain a loan or credit line quote. When the best quote with the lowest rates and best LTV is produced by an exec in our network, we turn you over 100% to them as they will be your sole point of contact from there on. 

We built this network of stock loan pros with absolutely the highest of standards. Your receive the full, official FINRA record of every exec offer we send to you before you even speak with them. At any point you may reject the offer and walk away owing nothing whatsoever. Only if you do choose to proceed and actually close your line, do we ask for our remuneration, which can be paid from the line if you wish, of approximately 1-1.5% of the amount our network would have delivered for you, as promised. We are proud to say that we currently have, over thousands of LeverageLine clients, fulfilled our obligation in every single case to our clients, for whom we work. 

We refer you into our unique network. What you do with your advisor is your business after that, and we’ll step in only if there are any issues between you and your lender (so far, not a single report of any issue, I can say, as of June 2021).  We are not just paid by a financial consideration at the end, but also by you leaving our network feeling like you got more than your money’s worth. We have, thousands of satisfied clients like these that we have accumulated over time; we’d be honored to add you to our list. 

We are a small, specialized, boutique financial firm focused only on the thing for which we have developed expertise: stock-secured loan programs. There’s no cost to apply, and you owe us nothing as noted above to get a quote and explore our program. We have a close relationship of trust built over the years with our lenders. We are confident that they will provide you with excellent service. 

Why not give us a try? There’s no downside to seeing what your stock portfolio might get you in terms of a credit line. And we aim to please. 

We refer, you win. Give us a try. We think you’ll be very glad you did. 

– Dan Stafford, Founding Partner, A. B. Nicholas LLC

Call: 202-379-4744

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Institutional Advisor Team

Licensed Lender Advisors

Carefully selected veteran, multi-licensed, expert FINRA-member lender advisors responsible for handling all ABN client finance.
Registered Agent Team

Registered ABN Agents

Our Registered Agents include over 2,000 licensed financial advisors, business brokers, commercial real estate representatives and financial planners join A. B. Nicholas as referral partners for our lending programs.
Organization Firm Team

Organization Partners

Over 30+ major franchise, business brokering, and commercial real estate firms
G. Donald Johnson

President, A. B. Nicholas

Principal, Diamond Financial Services (NJ), 25+ years experience and business ownership in Business Finance & franchise lending, B.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Dan Stafford

Founding Partner

16+ years in securities finance. Prior: U. S. Dept. of Commerce, International Trade Administration. 
M. A., University of Chicago

Marie Wood

Operating Director

20+ years in business administration and accounting for financial firms. Director of Affiliate operations, applications, and services.

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