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Easy Qualifying With a Wide Range of Eligible Securities


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A wide range of non-IRA securities are eligible For LeverageLine financing.

  • Your stocks, bonds, or mutual funds must be free-trading.
  • If restricted, restriction should be coming off within a month.
  • Your securities cannot be private, but rather must trade publicly on a major stock exchange such as the NYSE.
  • Your stock, bond, or mutual fund security must trade on average at US $5/share or higher, consistently, over at least the last three months minimum.
  • The average volume of trading activity must come to at least 250,000 shares per day over the prior 90 days or $1 million in value on average per day of trading. Most stocks on the major exchanges fit this trading minimum without problem; drop us a line and ask if you are not sure.
  • If jointly owned or family owned then all relevant signatories will need to be party to or to legally sign off if there is to be one representative,  on the final credit line agreement.
  • A company (e.g., an S Corp), can be the signatory for the loan.
  • If your securities are in an IRA, 401K, or Keogh plan they are not eligible for the LeverageLine program unless the securities are removed from the plan.
  • There should be no bankruptcy, foreclosure, or abandoned student debt on your credit within the past three years.
  • Although credit is pulled by your lending institution if you choose to proceed with your line,  it is only used to verify your identity. It has no impact on your line of credit terms or offer.
  • LeverageLine loan repayments do no show on your credit record and therefore do not affect any other loans you may have.
  • However, we do support borrowers who seek to put the credit line in their company name to build company credit.  Those who want to build company credit should inquire in advance if this is of interest.
Note please: LeverageLine proceeds cannot be used to purchase more publicly traded, marginable stock, but can be used to purchase the stock of a non-publicly traded business enterprise (acquisition). Please read our disclaimer before proceeding. LeverageLine is not a residential mortgage nor is it intended to act as or replace a residential mortgage. 

Easy. A brokerage statement and ID via our encrypted, secure quote request form is all you need to obtain a term sheet. (View the loan application process here.) There are no FICO scores and no credit rating threshold required for approval.

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