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We accept securities portfolios with values equivalent to at least US $5 million from certain non-U. S. markets. A. B. Nicholas can in many cases accept securities from these countries, provided they meet certain standards: Good volume of trading, and a portfolio worth at least $5 million at the outset.

As a rule, we can only use securities that, in their own market, are strong and popular.

These non-U. S. markets can be considered:





Hong Kong

(All other countries) American Depository Receipts (ADR

Remember please, if you are acting as an intermediary/agent: You must present the actual owner of the securities; we will not process ANY transaction from third parties acting on behalf of the actual client. We must have applications that include valid brokerage statements and valid passports of the owner. We aren’t interested in “proving” anything to them. They apply, we deliver, and they will be working with a top-tier U. S. institution.

Please use our Contact Form and/or our Application Form when you are ready to apply, to correspond securely; please do not call from foreign locations.


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