We refer, you win. It’s a completely different way to approach a loan or credit line against your stock portfolio collateral. 

Our network of stock loan lenders is not your run-of-the-mill organization of licensed, public, household-name FINRA-member institutions and execs, but a group that has been carefully chosen to compete for the best possible terms we can offer to our clients. 

We refer, you win. Our job is to set up the system for you to work with as you wish. By using A. B. Nicholas to access what amounts to our premium financing network for marginable securities owners, you’ll get much lower interest rates and therefore potential save an enormous amount of money. Why settle for the “default” brokerage margin loan, when you can use the same institutions in most cases, yet get offers much less costly to you, for more loan cash? 

Give A. B. Nicholas a look. Our quotes are free. You pay us only if we’ve done our job and you are happy with our referral service, a fee that can be paid from the loan proceeds if you wish, after they’ve been disbursed to you. 

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a straight, square deal every time, to the best of our ability. We’d be honored to count you among our future happy clients. 

Visit A. B. Nicholas to learn more at www.abnicholas.com.