Is Lending Tree Legit? Maybe, but AB Nicholas gives a better deal!

Is LendingTree Legit? Many people are familiar with the company Lending Tree, which aims to have multiple institutions vie for the client’s loan business. This has traditionally been used by those with reasonably good credit to obtain anything from a short-term bill consolidation loan to a mortgage, but what of those wishing to put up their portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and so forth? Our lending network solves these problems. 

What makes sense to Stock & Bond Portfolio Investors...


Most of these stock investors figure that they can use their brokerage’s online dashboard to obtain a margin loan. This seems convenient, and in a sense it is. But the price of that convenience is an expensive loan capped at 50% loan-to-value per SEC regulations. Interest is always high – sometimes upwards of 7%. Should your portfolio value fall without warning, the axe comes down automatically: You will be required to pay their attorney’s fees as well should you wish to contest the brokerages many fees.  A condition for taking the margin loan is to give all these powers to your brokerage. All while obtaining only 50% LTV maximum at very expensive rates with add-on advisory fees and so forth. 

Is LendingTree legit if you have to go through all of that? We thought there had to be a better way. So we put on our thinking caps over a decade ago and came up with the concept of a “LendingTree for Securities Investors” and the concept was easy to grasp,. Rather than force clients to accept their brokerage’s low LTV and high interest rates, why now let two or more institutions compete for your business. As with all competition, the goal would be to deliver the lowest interest rates and the highest release. 


Get Funds in a week.
No credit check means faster funding!

Where does A.B. Nicholas come in?

The result is A. B. Nicholas. Today we continue to methodically grow the number of licensed public U. S. stock loan lenders in our network. Each have requirements and preferences, so we cannot always get each client before multiple lenders. But we always have at least one or two, and the results are typically huge savings for the borrower.

The system is simple. Client’s apply securely with a valid copy of their brokerage statement. A. B. Nicholas sends it around to every qualified FINRA-member lender in our network — individuals with impeccable credentials who are aware they are competing for the client’s business. We then take the lowest rate and highest LTV and connect the lender to the client. At no time is the client obligated to pay A. B. Nicholas anything unless 1) client accepts the offer we arranged for him and 2) client chooses to proceed with his financing. All this happens in about five business days on average. 

If he does choose to proceed, he will only owe us one half to one point based on the amount we will have been able to deliver to him. If the client does not choose the offer, or chooses the offer then decides not to proceed at any point, he owes us nothing. Your quote service will have been free in that case. 

ABN’s fee is a one-time payment which can be made from the credit line client will have in place. 

How much more can I save with A.B. Nicholas vs LendingTree?

Here at A. B. Nicholas we’ve seen savings on small transactions ($80k-$100k) of $5,000 or more average using our network. But the huge savings come with the larger portfolios when people seek a credit line off their stocks of at least $250,000. Here we see savings averaging $25k-$200K for the largest credit lines. And our release loan-to-value is typically 75% of the portfolio value, giving our clients far more cash to draw if they wish. 


So, is LendingTree Legit?

Lending Tree may have been the pioneer in competitive digital lending, but A. B. Nicholas is the first and only network to feature fully licensed U. S. banks and brokerages specifically competing for your business. The results have been outstanding, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and zero complaints over 12 years of operation. Many testimonials praise the interest they saved; the amount of credit line/loan they received; and the speed of our funding program compared to, say, SBA loans. And although A. B. Nicholas has adopted a slow, careful growth model over the years, we think this is the best way to serve our clients – with care and trust. In the process, we are determined to continue to add to our network of qualified banks and brokerages, and to do what we can to get the very best stock-secured lending into the hands of our valued clients. 

Get Funds in a week.
No credit check means faster funding!