Franchising Opportunities and the LeverageLine Network

How can the LeverageLine Lending Network 

help fund franchise opportunities?   

When it comes to exploring your franchise opportunities you have many different sources, including brokers and direct franchise marketing departments, to choose from. If you have the cash it will not be hard to find a suitable franchise to purchase. But for many borrowers that is just the beginning of the financial odyssey that the typical new franchisee must face.

Granted the franchise business involves many moving parts and it can be a very scary experience to move from one settled and comfortable weekly paycheck to the uncertain future of running your own business. Yet tens of thousands of people in the United States do this all the time and they do it because they wish to have the freedom and the rewards of running their own business their own way.

So franchise opportunities are many but getting into the franchise business requires stamina and of course cash. That’s where the A. B. Nicholas network can help, provided you own publicly traded securities worth at least $80k. 

Application is free and no fee is due until you’ve succeeded in obtaining a credit line guaranteed not by your personal credit or house but by your stock portfolio – up to 90% in a feature-rich credit line that you can draw as much or as little from as you like, with low interest and interest only repayment required to maintain.  Best of all it’s fast. 

But for those needing more from franchise financing than the usual SBA loan or personal credit loan, both of which can pose enormous burdens on your financial security, the LeverageLine Lending Network offers an alternative that might meet your needs. 

For one thing, our borrowers can get a significantly lower interest rate than SBA’s best rates ( 1.9% to 3.5 % vs. a 6-8% SBA loan) as an example) and offers a non-SBA, alternative lending program for those who do not want to put up their homes or other valued assets as collateral. The LeverageLine Lending Network can serve as a SBA loan borrower down payment, for one thing. It can also protect a borrower’s portfolio/securities from being utilized as collateral on an SBA loan giving the borrower more flexibility with cash reserve money plus having better future expansion options.

Your franchise business should benefit from ALL of your financing options and you owe it to yourself to explore all of them. Our program has been in existence for more than a decade, and has produced market-best low-interest rates, and many custom features designed to assist the new franchise business operator, including freedom to defer all payments in your startup year, when cash flow is likely to be a critical issue. 

Our LeverageLine collateral loan program, when mated with your franchise franchise opportunities, will allow you maximum flexibility in your initial year of operations. Get started below!

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