You have capital and need more quick?

So you own a significant portfolio of stocks, bonds and REITS. About $200,000 in current value. This is your investment; it may be your nest egg for retirement, or for your child’s college education. Whatever the reason, you invested with the hope that the investment would retain its value and with a bit of good luck, increase. There really is no other purpose, typically to investing in securities. 

Then the time comes to finally buy that cycling shop you’ve dreamed of owning all your life, since you have been a lifelong cycling enthusiast and love the sport. Somehow or other, using your house and other assets to bolster your credit, you’ve obtained the loan needed to buy the business. But now you have to generate a line of credit for operating expenses — everything from keeping the lights on to paying retail taxes. Buying the business is only the first step. There are so many more. 

But you’ve already maxed out your credit to buy the business. What do you do? You could try to borrow more from family members or find some other system that will likely involve high interest and inflexible terms — the typical outcome when you need them more than they need you, and they know they have you over a barrel as you cannot even open the business you just bought without that credit line to get the cycling shop off the ground.  No business line of credit, no business. The doors don’t even open. The infrastructure and equipment are nowhere in sight. The credit line is mandatory, but what are the options? 

Option 1 is to go deeper into debt and put more of your assets and your credit on the line for it. This can be risky, in that one is essentially staking their livelihood on a business that hasn’t even opened its doors yet. What if it fails? Do you really want to lose your house? 

Enter A. B. Nicholas, and our stock-based loan network. We’ll send your application for a business line of credit secured by your stock portfolio to the licensed, vetted, top-tier public brokerages and banks — all names familiar to you — to get them to compete to offer you the best possible terms. We’ll get quotes from all of the licensed lenders for whom your portfolio qualifies (different lenders have different criteria for securities type and value). We’ll deliver to you the quote that represents the lowest interest rate and largest LTV (cash release rate to you) for your consideration. 

You owe us nothing for this until and unless you choose to accept the offer and proceed. Then you owe us a nominal fee, payable from your credit line if you wish, after your funds are delivered as promised, typically a fee of 1% of the credit amount we will have been able to obtain for you through our network. You get a line of credit at a very low rate, without having to sell a share of stock, and without putting undue pressure on your credit rating, since FICO scores are not relevant for this program, a feature of most asset-collateralized lending. 

You choose what to draw and when, up to the maximum business credit line authorized for your use. This can be anywhere from 70% of the current market value of your portfolio all the way up to 95% for the least risky, lease volatile stocks and bonds. You have no mandatory repayment date for the principal you borrowed, and you may even waive the interest-only payment if your businesses startup cash flow is tight. 

This program by A. B. Nicholas was specifically constructed for business and franchise buyers. A. B. Nicholas provides these services to some of the biggest franchise and SBA funding companies in country, as they trust our strict model and track record. 

Every one of the carefully selected financial advisors working for the lending institutions is a FINRA member with zero blemishes on their record. Each are senior, experienced financial professionals, some Registered Investment Advisors, others Certified Financial Planners. The FINRA record of the provider of your quote is provided on demand should you wish to see it beforehand. We are very strict about full licensing, safety, compliance, and regulation. 

Our goal, of course, is to deliver to you the best securities-based business line of credit in the market, and we do this regularly. In fact, it is all we do. It is our niche in the market.

So let us recap. If your credit is maxed out, and you don’t want to put a lien on your house or stress your credit rating to the max, and you own a securities portfolio of ~$85,000, our program can get you a line of credit from 70-95% at a rate typically 1-3% below the prevailing mortgage rate. This means substantial savings over the typical stock loan rate offered to people for margin loans when you apply on your own. Competition squeezed the lowest market rates out of these lenders, and this was our goal: to get our clients the most secure, most feature-rich and client-friendly business line of credit in the market today. And we’ve done it. 

Apply today for free. The A. B. Nicholas Network.