A. B. Nicholas is happy to announce the additon of our fourth funding partner, E-Trade, as a bidder for our stock loan applicants via the ABN LeverageLine program. 

Now our clients with eligible portfolios (see our requirements here) may receive stock loan bids from up to four — soon to be five — major firms in a “let the stock loan lenders compete” process that can get ABN borrowers superior, borrower-friendly rates and loan-to-value plus other features, all thanks to the power of major-public-institution competition.  

And rather than simply take the retail stock margin loan offer that your current brokerage or banking institution may provide, you can now come in “through the side door” via A. B. Nicholas for your custom loan offer, which can typically deliver a far superior line of credit. 

How? Simply by applying through A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance  thanks to our partnership with select FINRA-member professionals within these partner institutions, all of whom have the power and expertise to make it possible for our ABN clients to obtain a far better deal than retail. Such offers via A. B. Nicholas can often save a client many thousands of dollars while getting them much, much more loan cash, depending on the size of the portfolio and the quality of the portfolio. 

Best of all? It’s free to apply  Use our secure online form to see how much better of a deal we at A. B. Nicholas can get you before you take the “easy way out’ with an expensive, 50% LTV margin loan. 

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