Embedding LeverageLine in Your Current Financial Product Lines (For Financial Professionals)


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One of the things we often see are clients who have sophisticated financing packages for various uses. Uses such as commercial real estate investments, franchise licensing & purchasing, college education or loan payoffs, or other major purchases or investments. These packages may include conventional private funding, bank loans, mortgages, or other financial programs and instruments.

We at A. B. Nicholas are always ready to work with any existing financing program to build our LeverageLine stock-secured loan and credit line into the overall financial package. In so doing, our clients are always assured that they are getting a top-of-the-line, licensed, secure lending facility that can help make all of the other components of their financing package successful.

Simplicity is at the heart of our LeverageLine stock loan program. One of the most important elements of a leverage line experience is clarity and simplicity and no undue delays. Your show us your brokerage statement securely — stocks, bonds or mutual funds. We deliver term sheets, which are in essence pre-approved financing, typically the very same day that the application is sent in. Within a day on average, our clients typically sign their term sheet — which involves no obligation but satisfies the basic compliance requirements regulations require — and then we take you directly into our partner, a major, household-name lending institution, to speak with your hand-picked fully licensed, FINRA-member advisor to answer any further questions and to open your account. Total time to funding? From 5-7 business days on average.

When you embed our LeverageLine into your finance program, you are adding a great, flexible credit line you 100% control Our piece of the overall financing fits seamlessly in because it makes little demand in terms of paperwork or claims on the client’s assets .

And if you are looking for a securities-based line program for your pre-existing clients? No problem. Apply today!

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