We Call Ourselves America's Stock Portfolio Lender. Not Because We're Bigger or More Famous.

Not because you can’t get a run-of- the-mill margin loan from your current brokerage. 

Not because your current financial advisor isn’t. any good. 

Not because there are no other stock secured loan companies out there. 

Not because you have no other options when it comes to obtaining liquidity from your stock portfolio. 

We call ourselves America’s Portfolio Lender because no other firm focuses entirely on building the perfect credit line customized to your needs and nobody elese’s. We look at our credit line program, orchestrated by and through top licensed institutional advisors inside major brokerage and banking institutions with which we’ve consulted, to be a program that constantly strives to deliver lower rates, more cash liquidity, and more client-informed features than any other. 

Our roots began in the great recession over a decade ago. Our franchise-buying clients could not obtain the funds they needed to obtain their businesses and banking lending had virtually halted even for those with great credit. Even the SBA temporarily shut down the processing of new applications. 

Driven by these circumstances, we came up with our LeverageLine program out of necessity. We felt that if we could find a way for our clients to use the diminished value in their stock portfolios, instead of having to sell them for substantial losses in the falling market, this could spring enough cash for these clients to get into their new franchise until better times emerged in the economy whence they might obtain a conventional SBA or bank business loan. 

From the beginning LeverageLine grew into a program on its own, in many respect as good or ever better than the best bank financing. Today this is our market niche, and we like to think that we have the best sources, features, rates, and terms of any comparable firm. 

Here are just some of the features you receive with every LeverageLine:

  • FINRA-SIPC public brokerage and banking institutions only. We do the work for you, selecting the best licensed programs and advisors. 
  • No change of ownership of your stock, bond, or mutual fund portfolio. You retain full control and use of your portfolio at all times. 
  • No account managgement fees (yeah, that’s why we’re not so popular with your broker or financial advisor). 
  • No up-front fees. One nominally priced fee due only AFTER, not before, we’ve delivered exactly as promised. 
  • Highest standards for loan and portfolio management in the industry; we select only institutional advisors with impeccable FINRA records, period. 
  • Warehouse/wholesale interest rates mean huge savings for ABN clients. 
  • Fast delivery of funds; 1 week standard. 
  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for ten years running. 
  • Success via word of mouth, not massive advertising. Every client matters to us in every way. 

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... And Specifically for Our Franchise & Commercial Real Estate Investor Clients

    • Credit not a factor in approval. 
    • Our advisors are specialists in franchise finance and business acquisition finance, and can integrate your ABN LeverageLine into your existing bank or SBA financing to ensure you have maximum cash to get your new enterprise off the ground. 
    • Lowest interest rates in the market bar none. Huge savings over retail rates. 
    • Freedom to defer your interest payments to preserve cash flow while getting your new business or franchise investment off the ground. 
    • Ideal for franchise or business investors seeking to expand in the future. 
    • Start your relationship with a major financial institution with which ABN has partnered, and parlay that initial relationship into continued conventional funding later, having begun your relationship via ABN’s LeverageLine. 
    • Full control and ownership of your assets at all times: continue to have freedom to trade in account.