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Our suite of specialized lending programs provide immediate access to capital when you need it most.

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Two Credit Line Programs for
Franchise Buyers & Real Estate Investors

No Sale Needed

Securities Lending uses your shares as collateral – no sale of securities required for funding. Period.

Instant Liquidity

Securities Lending provides liquidity at an unprecedented speed while retaining the upside of your share price

Investor Friendly

Securities Lending provides access to capital so you can diversify your portfolio without worrying about selling

Our Credit Line Programs

We at A. B. Nicholas offer two outstanding programs for owners of stocks, bonds, 
mutual funds and other eligible securities portfolios: LeverageLine and OpLine.


Our LeverageLine credit line is our flagship program for the broader borrowing market, though it was originally designed for the first-time franchisee. Today it serves anyone who needs to tap their portfolio securely without the sales of shares.


Our OpLine credit line program is for those who own Operating Partnership Unit REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust shares) also called OPUs. Use these tax deferred securities as collateral, without having to sell or convert into taxable REIT format.

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