Would you like to say goodbye to your banker?

You are a real estate investor. You know your business. You know a good home, business, or commercial site from a bad one. 

That part’s easy.

But at the end of the day, you end up Red-Tape & Delay Land. 

That’s right: Your bank. That’s where you’ll meet the guy with the sparkling smile who’s actually scared too death of lending anybody anything in the wake of the recession, with all the new “gotcha” regulations designed to “protect” consumers from shoddy financing, but which have in fact shut off the valve to investment in America. 

Sound about right? 

But where does that leave you? Do you really have to go hat in hand and dance like a performing monkey while you hand over every last asset you own in order be considered for a high interest real estate or business investment loan? You need your cash right now anyway, or that lucrative property you found will be going to go to somebody else in a big hurry. Sadly, your good credit won’t save you this time. You know that for sure.

Any of this strike a note for you? 

No time for more? Then jump to our website

If your answer was “yes”, then maybe it’s time to get smart and look into a LeverageLine securities-based credit line solution from the established U. S. leader in securities-based finance, A. B. Nicholas out on K Street in Washington D. C.  

Want to get started? It’s simple. Check for securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) or cash that can be put into quality securities. Then visit our website at www.abnicholas.com and spend a few minutes checking out the future of real estate financing. If you make the choice we think you’ll make, you’ll apply for your free, no-obligation Term Sheet and be joining the thousands of other real estate investors who have figured out that they no longer have to be slaves to their bankers.  Instead, they’ve chosen the ABN LeverageLine securities-based credit line program, and guess what? They’re really glad they did. 

Why? Well for starters LeverageLine financing doesn’t tie up the client’s house or other assets. It places a simple lien on the client’s account, and that’s it. It’s an “off the books” event in the sense that this is a private asset-based loan with a leading, fully licensed American household-name institution. They like that the financing is a private asset loan and not reported to credit bureaus, which can help avoid impacting any other financing you might have

You can still trade in your account as long as the value of the your portfolio is maintained, but that’s it as far as the lender’s security is concerned. Your portfolio is the lender’s guarantee. 

And “no sale to fund” means exactly that: no sale is involved to fund these loans. You can draw your own conclusions with your licensed tax professional advisor as to tax status and treatment, but your securities would only be sold if you choose to sell them* 

There’s more. Consider these features:

– Two week funding on average.

– Minimal paperwork..

– Fully regulated/licensed brokerage lender. 

– Rates below the best mortgages in most cases.

– Interest-only repayment, no balloons, no maturity dates.

– Low-rate variable of LIBOR-based fixed available.

– You’ll put your stocks AND real estate to work, not just one.

– No hidden fees or charges; What you see is exactly what you get.

– Have your stock portfolio at TD Ameritrade or Schwab? No need to move them. A simple lien will do the trick for your loan. 

– Much, much more (view our FAQ)

So wise up, and tell your banker to take a hike!  There’s no reason to keep beating your head against his front door. Now’s as good as time as any to try something tha’s working for thousands of real estate investors around the globe: LeverageLine™ ssecurities finance,  from the people who always put their customers first: A. B. Nicholas. 

A. B. Nicholas LLC

1629 K St., NW, Suite 300

Washington, D. C. 20036

Tel: 202.379.4744 

Email: support@abnicholas.com

Please read our disclaimer before proceeding with ABN financing. *Some securities may be sold by institution if client were to default and walk away from any efforts to resolve repayment of their credit line such that lender lien needed to be exercised. However, this has never occurred for any financing offered through ABN and this facility. 

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