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LeverageLine for Asian Securities

A. B. Nicholas may in some special cases, be able to provide a stock secured loan credit line facility for your Asian securities. Each case is unique. Inquire first to determine whether your collateral meets our requirements.


As with all A. B. Nicholas Foreign Stock programs, you’ll want  good stock with stable pricing and good volume of trading (min. 250,000 trades per day). Minimum value of your portfolio at inception should be US$2 million equivalent in local currency.

Though we do not want to discourage applications, please be advised that qualifying for our Asian program is not easy. We will need good quality, high-priced stock with very strong volume, and multi-stock portfolios are preferred.


To apply for a quick quote now, please gather a current passport or other valid picture ID, a recent brokerage statement showing the names of your individual stocks, bonds, etc., and proceed to our secure Quote Request Form.

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