All Marketing Language Must be Approved Beforehand

A. B. Nicholas Support

A. B. Nicholas Support

Founder and partner, A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance.

Greetings all,

Just a reminder of a few of the rules of the road regarding marketing. These rules are not just ours; they were developed in concert with the licensed lending institutions’ legal departments, and we are required to ensure that our agents comply with them by agreement. They are simple, but important.

1) Have any emails, web listings, etc. dealing with the LeverageLine or securities-based credit line program approved by us before you publish. If already published, tell us immediately where so that we can review. We will not try to interfere with your marketing style, but we must make sure that the context etc. correctly portrays the product. We do not, for example, want our premium program alongside products that do not support the reputation or image of LeverageLine, such as credit repair or rehab housing loans. LeverageLine is a high-end and relatively sophisticated program and should be marketed into the niche that it is best suited for.

2) You care free to use your own forms etc. to gather data or information from your clients, but make sure that if at all possible, you apply through the secure online application form located on our website at

All of our lenders’ require that the client’s private documents be fully secured when they are downloaded and reviewed (which is impossible with email) and our 256-bit encrypted “lockbox” upload/download system allows the lenders to pull down the client’s brokerage statements and IDs in a very secure manner. Please try to use this online form to the extent possible going forward: if you cannot, we will have to do it for you after we receive their application documents, which is not ideal. (Remember to put your name as agent in the appropriate box for crediting, but you can always email us to “be on the alert” for a client if you wish and we will credit them to you that way.)

3) Interested in using the clickthrough banners on your website? We heartily encourage it.

Install the banner per the instructions in your Portal, then have a third party — anybody you know who is using a separate computer will do — click on the banner, go to our site, surf around like a typical client would, then get a LeverageLine quote. Have them apply. Attach a couple same documents just to make sure all document uploads get through. (They need not put your name in the “referred by” box.) When we get it, we’ll check to see that your unique identifier tracked with the test applicant’s results. We’ll confirm, show you a copy, and let you know your clickthrough banner system is working. Just give us a “heads up” that you will be using the banner and would like to do the test.

Good luck! Please always feel free to call me directly if you have any questions via my mobile, at 240.252.8441.

– Dan Stafford, Sr. Advisor, A. B. Nicholas


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