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Join a team of over 3,000 certified agents nationwide offering our market-leading LeverageLine stock/bonds/mutual funds-as-collateral stock loan credit lines to their clients.

We welcome inquiries from candidate referral agents with a suitable pre-existing sales network, contact list, or market for our award-winning LeverageLine securities-based credit line program.

Please note that we do not offer a common “brokering” relationship: your role will be to simply refer and and keep in touch with your client. Our licensed lending institution professionals will do the rest while we keep your informed up to your payday via our state-of-the-art Agent Information Portal. 

Please apply first here. After acceptance (we do a simple criminal background check on all applicants) you’ll go to our Training and Compliance Program page  where you will view a training video and pass a Training and Compliance Exam, followed by your Agent Agreement. (Note: There is a required Exam fee of $35.)

Offer the best Securities-based Financing in the Market - LeverageLine - to Your Clients Today!

By joining A. B. Nicholas to provide the best custom, licensed, FINRA-compliance SBLOC in the market, you’ll earn fees on every stock secured loan transaction you refer to us, and that is all you’ll basically be required to do: refer.  You’ll receive a fee based on the maximum line authorization we’ve been able to deliver to the client. (See some sample agent earnings scenarios.) You’ll also be providing portfolio owners a wholesale, no-title-transfer, no-sale-to-fund credit line (LeverageLine), helping them realize their franchise, business, real estate investment objectives quickly and more cheaply. There are many other benefits that accrue too.

Need help? Learn more here. To apply now and refer clients to us, please get a copy of your ID and a background statement or resume

Always Fair Fee Allocations

A. B. Nicholas provides 1/3 of all fees to you as referring agent, paid immediately upon receipt. As your role is to refer, not to broker, per licensed institution requirements, the remainder of all fees are divided into legal administration expenses and to the partner/owners/staff of A. B. Nicholas. Fees are based on a percentage, usually 1-3% depending on various factors, of the maximum credit line we will have delivered to the client borrower.

Application Requirements

Applicants should have at least two years of issue-free experience in a finance related field. Licensing not required, but welcome. While simply referring a client into our program does not technically require any particular licensing or background, we do require that you have a clean record (no unresolved criminal, or finance-related civil cases) on your background check. 

To use our program on your website or to integrate our program your existing business offerings as we prefer our agents to do, an ideal resume would include experience in a financial advising, real estate investing, accounting, franchising, or a related field such as franchise brokering, industrial financing, or insurance sales, where our LeverageLine financing program can be a useful addition to your existing services. 

Every Agent application must complete the online , 2-hour Training and Compliance Program and Exam, the latter with a score of 100%. 

Finally, we ask that you please do not apply if you are planning to start a completely new business or marketing program centered on our LeverageLine as the anchor. Ours is a referral program for pre-existing businesses, and was not designed to be a seed product/service for a new enterprise. 

This is essential for our line of business.

To refer clients to A. B. Nicholas and receive compensation, you cannot have any unresolved or undisclosed civil or criminal legal cases where you were a defendant, past or present. Full disclosures required IF there an issue of this type. Divorce, minor drug offenses without repeat, traffic, misdemeanors, traffic tickets need not be disclosed. However, undisclosed relevant or more serious legal matters, particularly those surrounding the core financial fields we serve — are grounds for immediate termination if not disclosed. (Note: Disclosure is not automatic rejection of your application; non-disclosure, however, is). 

We work exclusively with fully regulated and licensed public U.S. institutions with impeccable reputations; we engage absolutely no private lenders, nonrecourse lenders, or escrow lenders of any kind. All of our lending partner advisors are FINRA/SIPC registered with further licensing in several related areas and unblemished outstanding backgrounds.

This means that compliance is key to being a referral agent at A. B. Nicholas.

As a condition to our working with this level of institution and personnel, providing a quality product as we do, we — and our agent force by extension — must never provide any form of tax advice, insurance advice, legal advice, or securities buy-sell (investment) advice unless you are specifically and currently licensed to do so in your state of residence. Providing such advice without being properly licensed will be grounds for termination.

As noted, we great prefer that you already have an existing network or market space of potential clients in one of the areas we serve or an area that you feel would be suitable for LeverageLine. LeverageLine is not intended as a program for those looking to start a completely new, unrelated career in securities financing via mass marketing or email blasts to clients with whom they are unfamiliar.

Know Your Roles & Responsibilities

Your role as an agent will be to refer clients into our well-tuned and constantly improving LeverageLine and OpLine programs, and any other programs that A. B. Nicholas may develop in the future. You’ll use our encrypted, secure application form to refer your clients in to us by visiting our LeverageLine Quote form. You do not broker or sell in the conventional sense of blast email marketing or playing “middle man”.  The licensed lending institution handles all of that.

We keep you informed via your Agent Portal automatically. You are of course free to discuss the program with your client/referral, it is the job of the the licensed lending institution advisor, primarily.

Another way to look at your responsibility is to think of it as informing the client about this loan program, then collecting the application documents (no cost for a term sheet) then submit and step out of the way, as we at A. B. Nicholas will too.

Our role at A. B. Nicholas is to build and create the program; and in terms of the process, to receive the application, deliver the term sheet to client for digital signing (and a file copy to agent), arrange the initial introduction of client to his/her advisor, then step out of the way. We will enter status reports on your client into the Agent Portal as our lending partner provides us with updates, so you are always informed on the latest developments. You are of course to call us.

We at A. B. Nicholas aim to ensure our clients are fully informed and that only qualified clients move forward and do so with faith and confidence. This is why we review all applications before sending them forward securely to the lending institution. Our goal: a smooth, efficient user (client) experience that will get the client into the licensed lending institution ASAP, and funded, as quickly as possible.