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Institutional Advisor Team
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Carefully selected veteran, multi-licensed, expert FINRA-member lender advisors responsible for handling all ABN client finance.
ABN has over 4,000 registered referral agents across the U. S.
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Registered ABN Agents
Over 4,000 licensed financial advisors, business brokers, commercial real estate representatives and financial planners,
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Over 30+ major franchise, business brokering, and commercial real estate firms
G. Donald Johnson
President, A. B. Nicholas
Principal, Diamond America & FranchiseLeasing. 20 years experience in business finance.
B. A., Fairleigh Dickenson University.
Dan Stafford
Sr. Consultant
16+ years in securities finance. Prior: U. S. Dept. of Commerce, International Trade Administration.
M. A., University of Chicago, Booth School.

Our Goal: A Great Review From You.

A. B. Nicholas LLC was founded in 2010 as the economic recession descended upon all lending firms of all types, making it impossible for even our best clients to obtain the financing they needed to purchase their business or commercial real estate objectives. Our “go-to” financing resources (SBA, business loans at major banks, etc.) had dried up or were insufficient.

So we looked over the options and after a careful analysis, we settled on a securities-based line of credit, but one superior to the standard retail version in terms of customization to our market and cost. We sought to make our line as unique as we could so we could offer a type of securities-based line and licensed lender adviser tailored specifically to our markets.

The type of clients we served required no mandatory lender-side fees, deeply reduced interest rates, higher loan-to-value, and the expectation that our clients would not need credit or FICO scores to obtain an easily-understood, asset-based loan. From our first major licensed brokerage partner (which took a great deal of time and effort!) to our current three major providers and FINRA-member advisers, LeverageLine can now confidently state that it is in many respects a one-of-a-kind in the market today.

Our role at A. B. Nicholas is to present this as a product, which we call LeverageLine™,  and in so doing help prospective clients understand how it works and what features are available to them via a pre-approved term sheet.  These are quotes our clients can count on.

Our duties are simple: we confirm eligibility, answer any general questions, then ensure that the financing will meet their specific deadlines. We send the application to the lending institution, then build the terms into a clear term sheet.  Once signed, we set up an introduction to their licensed lender adviser — an expert carefully selected by us and an employee of the licensed lending institution. We monitor the transaction thereafter, and ensure client satisfaction. We are always tweaking the program to ensure it meets the needs of our clients.

We carry out this work as a service for our clients, many of who need financing for their franchises or businesses quickly and inexpensively. We at A. B. Nicholas receive no compensation or incentives of any kind from our lending partners: we serve our clients only.

Because of the experience of our licensed lender advisers, the A. B. Nicholas overall closing ratio is nearly 95% overall; We have a satisfaction rate of nearly 100% and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau with no complaints or issues over nearly ten years.

A. B. Nicholas has also teamed with many of the leading business brokering, business coaching, and franchise brokering firms in the country to support securities-based financing specifically tailored to supplement or replace other financing for these markets.  These firms (see our partners page for samples) trust A. B. Nicholas to deliver financing that gets the job done right.

We can be reached at 202.379.4744 ext. 1 from 9AM-8PM (EST) Monday through Friday, and 10AM to 2PM on Saturday (EST). We return all calls promptly and you are welcome to leave a voicemail after hours.

A satellite office is located in West Keansburg, New Jersey (202.379.4744 ext. 2) for administrative matters.

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