ABN Luncheon Wednesdays Noon – Guest Speakers

An All-Hands Meeting for A. B. Nicholas Certified Agents.

Wednesdays at Noon Same  Dial-In Number Every Week)

Dial In: (No code, direct): 

12PM Eastern Time

Not a Certified Agent yet?

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Every Wednesdays at noon (EDT) our A. B. Nicholas Agent Lunches will continue and will include guest speakers and breaking news of interest to those working within the securities-based lending industry.  The meeting is voice only, to be held via conference call via the number above.
All Certified ABN Agents who have completed compliance certification are welcome to attend. 
This week we will have as guest speaker one of ABN’s licensed institutional advisors to answer questions.  This will be your opportunity to ask questions directly from Dan Stafford, founder and Sr. Partner at A. B. Nicholas, and our lending partner, an expert on getting compliant, lowest-rate, wholesale financing using stock, bond, and mutual fund portfolios to clients both large and small. His flawless FINRA record and great customer relations skills has given our LeverageLine clients much to applaud over the years. 
Our luncheon sessions are all informal, but will usually start with a theme. This week we will discuss the amazingly low rates that are now available for securities-based credit line lending. (Currently, for example, A. B. Nicholas clients can avail a 1.25% fixed rate for a one year LeverageLine, 1.5% for a two year line, and 1.75% for a three year fixed line.) Locking in a crazy-low three year LeverageLine rate that will take the client through the economic recovery period up ahead can be a major, money-saving move for your clients. 
We will also discuss your actual in-field experiences and share those experiences with the other agents. Ideas are always welcome. 
The Noon (EDT) ABN Luncheons will continue indefinitely. Please set your calender to every Wednesday at noon where you’ll be able to bring your questions and ideas to help you make maximum earnings with us. 
Dial In: (No code, direct): 
Though we call these informal, we DO strongly urge you to attend. We do not get the opportunity to interact with you as much as we might like, and these sessions are designed to fill in the gap for your benefit. Please attend. 
– Dan Stafford, Sr. Partner. A. B. Nicholas Securities Finance
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